Hekate’s Passage, part 2, volume 1

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I have really good news for you. The second part of our book is being edited, actually the editing is almost over – if everything goes well the book should be out at the end of the next week.

This is also why we’ve been posting so infrequently – lot of work with editing, promoting. Some other things get in the way as well.

Meanwhile, to tickle your curiosity I have a viral for you. The new viral that promotes the second part of our naughty story.

Btw, have you already bought the first part?
Should I remind you where to get it? It has some very good reviews and we’re waiting for more…
https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/289818 Рthese guys have a few formats to choose from.
And for those that prefer Amazon and Kindle – another link.

Cliteracy, 100 Natural laws

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You may probably wonder what these pics are about and what the heck ‘Cliteracy, 100 Natural Laws’ is.
It’s a project, a project concerning women’s sexuality. Have you ever noticed how our bodies are used as a sexual object? All the photographs in magazines, online showing beautiful curvy bodies, boobs and booties… But they all miss a certain important point. Sure it’s nice to have one’s tits caressed and sucked and licked, the same applies to butts. I do love having mine kneaded and spanked, it makes me wet and horny, but does it make me come? No. I haven’t met such a man yet who could drive me to climax through stimulation of these two body parts, I know there are a lot of women like me, though sure there are those whose sensitivity is so developed that they have much more sources of orgasms. The same refers to our vaginas. How many women come through penetration only? Even though there are several spots inside our love-tunnels that can provide us with orgasms if they are properly stimulated…

Well, Cliteracy draws attention to our clitoris, the only organ in our bodies that is solely and entirely dedicated to our pleasure. It doesn’t serve any other purpose. Yet, some women have never climaxed even through clitoral stimulation, though it’s the easiest thing possible. Just your finger and your wet, swollen pearl of pleasure. And speaking of pearls, it’s not just this tiny button of flesh on the outside, clitoris is a much bigger organ that is bigger than a man’s dick in a dangling state. Part of it can be accessed via the famous G-point. BTW,¬†have you already learned how to find it, gents? I’m not asking you ladies, you probably know… And if you know where your own G-point is, then it’s a child’s play to find it in another woman.

The author and creator of Cliteracy is an artist, Sophia Wallis. As she says on her Tumblr site:”CLITERACY, 100 Natural Laws is mixed media project that explores a paradox; the global obsession with sexualizing female bodies in a world that is illiterate when it comes to female sexuality. CLITERACY is a new way of talking about citizenship, sexuality, human rights, and bodies. The project reveals the ‚Äď phallic as neutral ‚Äď bias in science, law, philosophy, politics, mainstream and even feminist discussion, and the art world – which is so saturated with the female body as subject.”

What I find personally very interesting in this project, apart from the fact that it spreads knowledge of female sexuality, is a piece of information that there is actually a method of treating all those poor women who got circumcised. This hideous, barbaric procedure is still practiced in quite some African societies, more, young girls who live in Europe or America on a regular basis, tend to be sent back there just to have this horrible mutilation performed on them. Grrrr, even thinking of somebody putting a knife to a woman’s pussy to cut off the organ that has been created to bring her pleasure, and thus reducing her to an object who has no right to any sexual satisfaction makes me pissed off. So I won’t mention what I’d do to these butchers that are still stubborn enough to do it. But it would be brutal.
So, there is one surgeon in the world that can operate mutilated pussies and bring them back to what they should be and this for sure is uplifting, though one might complain, why one only…

Sexy videos

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Have you ever thought how much sex or erotic images of various kinds is used in music videos?

How many problems did Motley Crue have when in the mid 80s they decided to make a video that kind of glorified this rocker way of life, and more precisely, the easy sex they could get in all those stripper clubs. I’m talking of Girls girls girls. Frankly speaking, I’ve never seen the original video that is mentioned here where the strippers were completely naked as this article claims, just the censored version where they wear all those skimpy bras and panties. Does anybody know where to see the original?

I suppose Motley Crue were not the first to make an erotic video, for sure they were not the last. ¬†Perhaps Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood wasn’t too sexually explicit as far as images were concerned (apart from the banned version, which is in the link), but the lyrics were definitely on the erotic, kinky side. I ¬†also personally remember another artist who caused much commotion with her sex related videos. I’m talking of Madonna here, and the first video was Like a Prayer and the other one Justify my Love. (I know, a completely different music genre). Another artist like this was Prince, quite a sexual guy. For sure he didn’t hesitate to use sexy chicks and images in his videos.

I didn’t follow the 90s music too much, so I don’t remember any particular instances, my attention only got caught a lot of time later, in 2009 when Rammstein released their¬†Liebe ist f√ľr alle da album. I’m talking mainly of the Pussy video, it’s been quite a shock to see it for the first time. Though I hear another video from that album also caused some controversy, however the version I saw (You tube, so there’s nothing inappropriate, You tube are a bunch of prudes) there’s nothing to open eyes wide.

Other bands and artists are¬†going further, For example Placebo with their video to Protege-moi. Obviously you won’t find the uncensored version on Youtube… ¬†those prudes out there take measures so that you don’t see anything unsuitable, they go even that far to censor the videoclip of Robin Thicke. IMO, Blurred Lines the x-rated version doesn’t have anything so hair raising to justify having to sign in to Youtube to confirm your age. Well, just some chicks prancing naked and that’s all.

Do you know everything about your penis? part 2

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How about some more curiosities about this dangly appendix you, gents, have between your legs? After all, even if you don’t admit it, it plays an important part in your lives and lives of your lovers.

Hmmm… Do you you have an idea that it’s possible to break it? You may shudder to even think about it, but penile rupture can happen. So be careful, it can happen to you during a very vigorous sex… If you hear a popping noise, you expect a really excruciating pain later. Just make sure this is treated properly, go to your doctor however embarrasing it may seem. Untreated, it may lead to permanent erectile dysfunctions.

The other curiosity about your dicks and sexuality is that actually, you, gents are programmed to finish quite quickly. After all, originally it was supposed to serve only procreation. However, if you use this excuse and become lazy, don’t expect this attitude to bring you pussy.

On the other hand, while, we, women may like our men to have the staying power and the stamina to fuck us for an unspecified (but not short) amount of time ¬†until we get several orgasms, maintaining an erection for a prolonged period of time is not good for your health. ‘If the blood flow that causes an erection doesn‚Äôt eventually leave the penis,’ explains Dr. Fiske, ‘serious complications can result, like blood clots.’ So working out a compromise that satisfies both sides is recommended here.

You may have wondered the other day, why the only possible ways of contraception for men are actually condoms (which may break, slip off and are not generally the most comfortable to use). I have no clue if ‘a pill’ for men has been already devised or not yet, I’ve heard about some work in progress in this field. Leaving these two methods aside, you may have wondered about vasectomy, especially if you already have kids and don’t want to have more, or if you don’t want to have them at all. Sure, it is a method that works, though it’s permanent. However, even if you have the simple little procedure performed on you, you still need to be careful for more or less 2 months afterwards. Until your doc gives you an ‘all clear’.

Some of you ladies, may have experience your men complaining to you about having blue balls and saying only an orgasm can solve this issue. Well, this technically called ‘prostatic congestion,’ the achiness in the testicles is caused by ‘trapped’ blood. And indeed, an orgams will help. However, if you don’t have time for sex or even a blow job, just give him some aspirin or get him to take a warm shower. They will also do the trick.

I suppose you have looked at your penis countless times, either in the mirror or while masturbating. Have you noticed that some of your dicks are darker in color than the rest of your body? It’s supposed to be natural, but some experts suggests it may also be the result of masturbation.

And speaking of masturbation, I’ve already written some praise about it, about health benefits it brings to everybody that does it. Not to mention the bigger awereness of your own sexual needs. Apart from all of these, jerking off is a great exercise for your dicks. The less you use it, the more problems you can have trying to start it up later on.

So what can be the conclusion of this post?
Gents, get your dicks into your hands. Preferably while reading some nice erotica, ours for example. It has a lot of moments that will help you get off.



Do you know everything about your penis?

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Penis, dick, cock, willy, twig (&berries), ding dong, beef hammer, sausage, meat sword, man’s best (or worst friend). This organ has multiple names from neutral through funny to vulgar ones. This list of synonyms to refer to your manhood is really extensive. Over 150 terms to refer to this natural hydraulic pump. Perhaps this multitude is the reflection of its importance in a man’s life. ¬†Its length, girth, shape and capability to rise up means a lot to every man. Am I right? You may glance at other men’s organs while showering in a gym after a workout to compare your equipment with¬†yours, but do you know everything about penis as such?
For example, in reality most penises are equal when they are in their shrunk, dangling state, so ogling other men who are showering and are not having erotic thoughts¬†that would make their dicks rise up won’t tell you anything about their erected length. Statistics say that adult penises measure between 3 to 4 inches when flaccid, ¬†apart from that there is no correlation between penis size and shoe size, hand size or nose size. Moreover, there’s no correlation between penis size/shape and wallet size.
Well, unless we look at cars … Well, perhaps this old joke about compensation is true…
Don’t blame your parents for the genetic load you got, cause it doesn’t determine how big your dick can get either. Penises are actually formed in uterus when those wild and crazy male hormones kick-in. There’s no one to point the finger (or any other appendage) at but Mother Nature.

So is there anything that can actually¬†influence a dick size outside of these hormones in uterus? Well, there is one factor. It’s the low temperature. Your testicles hate cold water and cold weather, they need to stay relatively warm to produce sperm and testosterone which as you know is your sex drive hormone. So after a dip in a really cold water you may find your¬†nuts and dick really reduced to the size of peanuts and acorn. For sure then you wouldn’t need this extra large condom… Which according to condom manufactures are bought only by 6% of the costumers. Does it mean the other 94% lie?
Certainly, those less generously endowed in these lower regions can get some consolation with the fact that in comparison with other species their dicks are still quite large. Chimps only have half the size of an average male human. Just don’t compare your equipment with this of the horse, the bull or the blue whale, whose penis is 11 feet long.

Well, apart from the above is there anything that can affect a man’s performance in bed?
For sure you know some of the culprits that make any decent hard on impossible. If you pour 4 pints of beer into your stomach, your dick will be FPO (for peeing only).
The same refers to other types of alcohol, too much of it is bad for the erection. You can have two, perhaps 3 glasses of wine (how good, for us, women, that alcohol doesn’t impede our nether regions, we can still fuck even after a bigger amount) but if you down a bottle, you’d better get a strap on otherwise your partner will have¬†the right to sulk. The other common erection killers are drugs. Have you ever got a decent fuck from a drug addict, ladies? Though, here I might add that I’ve heard¬†some (unconfirmed) gossip that cocaine can actually get you going for a long time. It’s supposed to prevent you from coming.
Some regular, doctor prescribed medications can also make you stay flaccid. The same applies to some medical conditions. If you have problems getting a hard on, you should get your ticker checked. ED can be one of the first signs of heart disease. Other chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure) have also been linked to the same symptom.
One more reason for worse performance in bed and for generally lower libido level are cigarettes. Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs and looks. It affects the production of sperm and testosterone (which is responsible for your sex drive). Men who smoke may need less sex, cause smoking simply lowers their sex drive, they have sperm of worse quality (which counts, if you want to have kids) and I don’t even mention that it influences the taste of the cum. Smokers sperm tastes disgusting and even consuming sweet fruit like pineapple¬†doesn’t help. Guys, if you want her to swallow, stop smoking.

Porn sex vs sex in reality

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I’ve recently come across this video:

While I basically agree with most of the points I still can’t say they are 100% truth, after all, stats is¬†usually called¬†a big fucking lie. They sure didn’t interview enough people to get really trustworthy data. Another thing is that¬†depending on the result you want to get, you can manipulate the answers as much as you want.

So to begin with, the penis size. I can’t claim to have seen all the porn available in the net, but the dicks shown in the ones I have seen vary. They sure are not 9 inches, some are really smaller. The same in reality. Sure I’ve seen guys who had huge cocks which almost made me worried ūüėČ , some were smaller, well, I probably was lucky not to encounter owners of the really small ones.

Point no 2 – hairless intimate areas and their general look. Well, considering the fact that it’s not really so easy to get rid of hair from your whole pussy and ass area (I imagine, the same is true for men), then indeed, most of people in reality have quite furry intimates. One more thing not mentioned in the video, is that most porn actresses have their assholes bleached, there are special creams for that. That’s why they appear to be so pale. In reality, the skin just around the anus is quite dark.

Another point – the amount of foreplay. Well, if you are aware, it’s just a film where the actress got some lubricant in her pussy and the male acts got fluffed for the action, then it’s ok. Normally, especially we, women, need some pre attention.

The next important point mentioned – the time of the intercourse, which is quite short in a majority of male population. ¬†Well, guys, if you’re so lazy as not to take some advice and learn how to prolong the pleasure, then sure, go on. Just don’t complain later on if your ladies are not really interested in sex. You see, for most of us these 3 minutes is not enough.

Why don’t 71% of women have orgasm due to penetration? The answers can be many – not enough arousal, worry at work, she may not be in the mood, or you may not be doing a good enough job and finishing too early… Several other reasons are also possible…

As for the other points mentioned in the video, such as lesbian sex, anal, facials or swallowing as well as threesomes or squirting – the sexual revolution still hasn’t taken over the minds of all the women. We are still taught that these things are dirty and that we should be ashamed to want to do them or to actually do them. Lack of knowledge is essential too, there was a time when I squirted regularly while masturbating. I was still a teenager who was discovering what¬†her body could do at that time. But who knew about squirting then? I thought I was peeing and I learned to supress it. Now I’m learning to squirt again. And I don’t think I was and am the the only one. This must have happened to a lot of us.

It will take much more time to get rid of these preconceptions that certain things in sex are bad.

As for light bondage and the percentage mentioned in the video… Well, I think 50 Shades of Grey have taken care of this…