Do men fake orgasms?


While searching for an idea for the new post I came across a piece of news that really surprised me. Men fake orgasms? After all it used to be said about us, women, that we fake our climaxes, how can a man fake it? And why?

Well, it seems a reality is different.

Professor Morgentaler, an associate clinical professor of urology at Harvard Medical School, had never heard of such a thing as well but then he got a surprise of his life when a patient walked into his surgery and stated: I’m faking orgasms. After he got over the puzzle of how a man could effectively pull off such a trick, he got to the patient’s motivation – having trouble climaxing during sex with his girlfriend, so he feigned pleasure for her benefit.  He “was simply trying to do what he believed was the right thing by her.”

You can read about this case as well as other cases from professor’s long medical career in his latest book: “Why Men Fake It: The Totally Unexpected Truth About Men and Sex” .


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I remember watching Barbarella when I was a kid so I wasn’t really able to get all the sexual innuendos and hints at that time, I think I have to repeat the viewing session…

Anyway, this scene with young Jane Fonda melting in this ecstasy machine is very inspiring… It makes me think of our book heroes, about their sexual prowess and ingeniousness… They can make Eleyne, Yasmin, Melisa and Babette swoon and fly away in pleasure like this, can even make them faint from excess of pleasurable stimuli… But while we, women, can faint while climaxing,  dying from pleasure is just a fiction, correct me if I’m wrong. For a man though… Well, as the saying goes, nature gave you a brain and a penis, but only enough blood to sustain one of them… Really prolonged erection without a release, like the one that can be achieved by using rings on your penis, rings that don’t let the blood flow away, can put your life at risk.

I can’t get no satisfaction…

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I’ve found an interesting article recently describing the results of a survey done in Japan by a Japan Family Planning Association. And I must say the results were hardly surprising for me. So, the results say that 71.3 percent of the women indicated that they had masturbated in the past year. Well, this is hardly surprising, after all times are changing and masturbation is not something shameful or taboo but a nice way of exploring and discovering one’s own sexuality. The next finding however, is almost a cherry on the pie:  the examiners concluded that the rates are directly proportional to a lack of satisfaction in a conventional intercourse. Among unmarried women, 67.1 percent said they fake orgasms. The figure was slightly less (64.2 percent) for married women. This is also hardly eye opening, after all if we are not fully satisfied after the shagging we have to get our pleasure somehow. Not having an orgasm can have severe consequences for our mood and well being, and if we feel pissed cause we didn’t climax and a man is too blind (or too lazy or too sexually uneducated) to notice that a woman needs some more action, the worse for him.

We might start to look for another solution in the long run… How about choosing some mature, sex-wise, experienced guys (thank you, Cialis) instead of peers who watched too much porn and think that a woman gets ready for sex in just a few seconds? Not the case, gentelmen, especially if a woman is quite young cause those about 40 have higher libido levels and may react faster.

One more solution for a sexually unsatisfied woman is finding a girlfriend. Another woman will be really quicker to find all the pleasure points on her partner’s body, she will start checking in the same places she finds highly erogenous herself. And she knows where they are… Well, sure, no kids will be born out of such a union, unless some scientists come out how to make parthenogenesis possible.

Hmmm, both these solution would leave a vast amount of young men single, and if a woman in her 40s were interested in having a young horny stud it would probably work, especially once she has ‘trained’ him 3:)

orgasm solution

Women and (fake) orgasm

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You, guys, probably are perfectly aware of the fact that an average woman can fake an orgasm. Quite a lot of us still do, even though in the long run it’s not the most advisable path to take. I suppose everybody remembers the unforgettable scene from the old romantic comedy “When Harry met Sally”.

The truth is, making all these pleasure moans and groans is a piece of cake for any of us, we can stage a fake orgasm without any problem. One of the points is, all these sounds are for you, to guide you, we know you’re not clairvoyant and you would do with some prompts. But  when we masturbate in private we don’t really bother to make ‘a show’, the orgasm comes quietly. It’s just our breathing that may be more rugged.

Is there a way to tell a real orgasm? Well, watch the other video. This time as a link as it comes from a ‘naughty’ website. And again a  warning – don’t watch it at work.

So, when we really climax, we may completely lose control of our muscles. Our pussies and asses contract and you should be able to feel these spasms on your dick. Of course, their intensity may vary. It depends how skilled you are and how deep you have taken your woman into pleasure.

More (knowledge about) orgasm is always welcome

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If you’re interested to find out more about climaxing I have a reading list for you. I suppose I should get down to reading some of these positions as well:

1.When the Earth Moves—Women and Orgasm Heart, Mikaya Celestial Arts Berkeley, Ca. 1998

2. The G Spot, Ladas, Alice Kahn, Whipple, Beverly, and Perry, John D.Holt, Rinehart and Winston, New York. 1982.

3. Human Sexual Response, Masters, William H. M.D. and Johnson, Virginia E.Little, Brown and Company, Boston. 1966.

4. The One Hour Orgasm, Schwartz, Bob. Breakthru Publishing, Houston, Texas. 1989.

5. Human Sexuality, Strong, Bryan and DeVault, Christine. Mayfield Publishing Co. Mountain View, Ca. 1994.

6. Sacred Orgasms, Stubbs, Kenneth Ra. Secret Gardens, Larkspur, Ca. 1992.

Orgasm – how many types of climax do exist?


You probably remember this note that we published not that long ago. Since that time while browsing the net I have found some more interesting things about orgasm that I would like to share with you. So first of all, how many types of orgasm do exist? And secondly, can only women experience them?

Let’s start the list for women then:

– clitoral orgasm, those of us that like to play with our little pearls of pleasure know it very well. If our partner is skillful with his tongue, lips and fingers he (or she) can lead us to it as well;

– vaginal orgasm, and while we’re at it these three just have to be mentioned:

i. G point stimulation orgasm (you already know how to find it, guys?), the interesting thing is, another G point can be also found in the anus…;

ii. the A spot orgasm – can be achieved by stimulating the point that is more or less 4-5 inches deep on the anterior wall of vagina, the same wall as G point is situated. And again A point can be also found in the anus…;

iii. the Deep spot orgasm (the posterior fornix orgasm) – through stimulation of all the area way back in the deepest part of the back wall of the vagina, just before the cervix.;

– squirting orgasm – through stimulation of G point or the clitoris, unfortunately not many women can experience it as it really resembles the need to pee, so we have to be really comfortable with our partners to let ourselves get carried away in this way. In fact quite some women can still confuse squirting with peeing…;

– orgasm through stimulation of the breast – yep, possible for us… ;

– oral orgasm – through kissing (oooh, our Jim’s an expert at this) or giving head… lol… a man’s dream 😉 but lips and the inside of the mouth is a powerful erogenous zone;

– the skin orgasm – can happen during sensual massages;

– dream-gasm – after having some really erotic and sensual dreams;

– mental orgasm – yep, while fantasizing about somebody really inspiring… I think I can confess that writing about our male protagonist can bring us really close to this state… Just an orgasm from the pure excitement alone;

– and finally, megagasm, according to Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., Artist and Ecosexual Sexecologist., it’s the volcano of all orgasms, or the tsunami of all orgasms. A megagasm is an intense full body experience, a deeply emotional experience, and for some a deeply spiritual experience. It generally lasts an extended lengthy of time, from thirty seconds to in some cases up to an hour or two. Several megagasms have been documented on video, although they are extremely rare. Not that many women are capable of letting go that deeply or handling that much pleasure and ecstasy and orgasmic energy. As the name implies it can be brought on by some mega sensations – heavy fucking, super strong vibrator on the clit, anal sex, bondage experience etc…Generally experiences way beyond ‘normal intercourse’… I wonder, do the fainting of our female protagonists in the book count as megagasm?

Well, how many of these can men have? Given the fact that the G spot and A spot can also be found in anus they should be able to experience this kind of sensation. As for the rest, you can watch an interesting talk I found.

Feminine sexuality


While browsing internet I came across an article about celebs who waited with sex till after marriage. However, it’s not the hymen and glorifying its presence, the notion that was pushed upon us by the patriarchal society and various religions that I want to write about today. I got inspired by one of the comments that was under the article. It could be briefly summarized as follows:

Sex is much more pleasant for women because:

– they can have stronger orgasms as well as multiple ones as well as various types of of it while man can have only one and at a much weaker scope ;

– they get less tired, the only position when they actually work is the cowgirl or a reverse cowgirl;

– a woman can always have sex while a man may not get a hard on, more than that, when he does get a hard on he should watch out not to come too fast, which is pretty stressful;

– apart from the point above, a man has to show that he’s a good lover and make his lover climax (hear hear) while getting a man climax is not really so hard (a single gear shaft device 😉 );

– women have many more and much more sensitive erogenous zones than men, their skin is also 7 times more sensitive to touch;

– women have one body part that is solely dedicated to sex and pleasure and doesn’t serve any other purpose – the clitoris, more than that, the clitoris is a more sensitive organ than a men’s penis;

– after orgasm men lose the interest in sex and would just relax before having more of it while women can have more shagging straight away.

Well, well, well, given all these reasons, we should actually flock after men and molest them for sex all the time. But we don’t do it… Why? That is the question… Why are there so many jokes about headaches as an excuse for not wanting sex? And so on… Can you think of any plausible explanation for this situation?

However, here’s good news. Our novel’s female protagonists don’t have headaches, they are always ready and horny for their men. And even if it doesn’t reflect women’s attitudes in reality, the worse for reality. The book is a fantasy and we see no reason for writing about bad sex and bad lovers.  The rockers are perfect lovers, sex gods for these girls, that’s why Yasmin, Eleyne and the other 2 girls always want more sex and are ready to accept all kinky ideas of their lovers…