Porn sex vs sex in reality

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I’ve recently come across this video:

While I basically agree with most of the points I still can’t say they are 100% truth, after all, stats is聽usually called聽a big fucking lie. They sure didn’t interview enough people to get really trustworthy data. Another thing is that聽depending on the result you want to get, you can manipulate the answers as much as you want.

So to begin with, the penis size. I can’t claim to have seen all the porn available in the net, but the dicks shown in the ones I have seen vary. They sure are not 9 inches, some are really smaller. The same in reality. Sure I’ve seen guys who had huge cocks which almost made me worried 馃槈 , some were smaller, well, I probably was lucky not to encounter owners of the really small ones.

Point no 2 – hairless intimate areas and their general look. Well, considering the fact that it’s not really so easy to get rid of hair from your whole pussy and ass area (I imagine, the same is true for men), then indeed, most of people in reality have quite furry intimates. One more thing not mentioned in the video, is that most porn actresses have their assholes bleached, there are special creams for that. That’s why they appear to be so pale. In reality, the skin just around the anus is quite dark.

Another point – the amount of foreplay. Well, if you are aware, it’s just a film where the actress got some lubricant in her pussy and the male acts got fluffed for the action, then it’s ok. Normally, especially we, women, need some pre attention.

The next important point mentioned – the time of the intercourse, which is quite short in a majority of male population. 聽Well, guys, if you’re so lazy as not to take some advice and learn how to prolong the pleasure, then sure, go on. Just don’t complain later on if your ladies are not really interested in sex. You see, for most of us these 3 minutes is not enough.

Why don’t 71% of women have orgasm due to penetration? The answers can be many – not enough arousal, worry at work, she may not be in the mood, or you may not be doing a good enough job and finishing too early… Several other reasons are also possible…

As for the other points mentioned in the video, such as lesbian sex, anal, facials or swallowing as well as threesomes or squirting – the sexual revolution still hasn’t taken over the minds of all the women. We are still taught that these things are dirty and that we should be ashamed to want to do them or to actually do them. Lack of knowledge is essential too, there was a time when I squirted regularly while masturbating. I was still a teenager who was discovering what聽her body could do at that time. But who knew about squirting then? I thought I was peeing and I learned to supress it. Now I’m learning to squirt again. And I don’t think I was and am the the only one. This must have happened to a lot of us.

It will take much more time to get rid of these preconceptions that certain things in sex are bad.

As for light bondage and the percentage mentioned in the video… Well, I think 50 Shades of Grey have taken care of this…