Cover you in oil

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Doesn’t this video awaken your imagination? Doesn’t it make you picture some more naughty, stirring images. It just takes a bottle of cooking oil or baby oil and a willing partner…

Pour it out on her butt cheeks and spread it with your hands massaging her skin, sliding your fingers into the crack and feel how slick and smooth it gets to touch. Listen how she moans in pleasure and rocks your hips back at you. Watch how her skin glistens with the oily film on it and how her own moisture joins the one that you just rubbed on her…


Get down to work then.

Using oil is a really good way to get her lubricated and horny as hell. Just like our female protagonists do when they get similar treatment from Tony, Jim and Ted. Just remember, oil destroys latex so you two must trust each other to the point you’re able to go without condoms.

oily bum

Anal pleasures

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Even though some of you already know a stimulation of the asshole triggers a really strong erotic arousal many people still are not aware how sensitive this spot is. The  sensations that you may feel vary, depending on the kind of stimuli, but they are always pleasant. Delicate fingering of the lubricated crack resembles fingering of the clit, but may also tickle a bit. If you spread your butt cheeks wide, the intensity of the feelings will grow and the tickling will disappear. If your partner can lick your crack with his or her tongue the pleasure may get exquisite, comparable to be eaten out.

If you’re ready for anal penetration you will discover two sources of sensations, the first one is the stimulation of the erogenous zones inside your anus, the other one is the feeling of stretching of your ring muscle. Sure, this muscle is really strong and it takes a while to learn to relax it enough to allow any penetration itself (a glass or two of wine may help). While the sensations when you’re already penetrated are always pleasurable, the stretching of the ring may be felt differently. Some may feel fullness, tension, warmth, or the signs of approaching orgasm, the others may still find it painful. If it happens, just take it slowly, use more lubricant, don’t hurry. You can still use something smaller than your partner’s dick or dildo, one finger or two may be enough to let your ring to get accustomed to the feeling of being stretched.

The first erogenous zone inside your anus is located really close to the entrance, just 4 cm deep on the front wall (the one that borders with vagina) you can find your anal G point and if you go a bit deeper, there’s another sensitive spot – A point (and that’s also the place where some dirtiness can be found, the solution to it is to do en enema or an anal douche beforehand or simply use a condom or a rubber glove if you finger somebody’s anus). Stimulation of these two is highly arousing and can lead to very powerful orgasms. And don’t forget that while you’re anally penetrated your vagina gets some of the impact as well – the wall between the colon and the vagina is not that thick making it possible for a woman to feel pleasure on the front side either.

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The joys of being ridden

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I suppose that quite a lot of you, gentelmen,  just like to enjoy the position of a (reverse) cowgirl, be lazy and let her do all the work for a change… After all you do it all in most of the other positions when you are on the top… So enjoying the nice view and the sensations when she bobs up and down on your lap is what you’d rather do instead of meeting her motion and thrusting from downwards…  And there’s this teeny weeny thing that this movement is so tiring… you get cramps, your muscles start to hurt… No… it’s much better just to lie still and let her be active.

Well, gentlemen, when you move and cooperate in this position it’s much more pleasant for us… It also means we may be willing to do it much more often…

Here’s a tip for you then, how to strengthen the muscles that are responsible for this movement.

The exercise that you need to do is called a glut bridge. Your ass will sure benefit from it, giving you a bigger thrust power.  To perform this exercise, lie on your back with your knees bent and feet placed flat on the floor. You are basically going to hump the air, just in a much more controlled manner. Once you are in the ready position, imagine … (insert a name) is on top of you, press through your heels, contract your gluts and drive your hips up. Squeeze your ass like you are trying to crack a walnut between your cheeks and then lower yourself back to the ground under control.

Aim for 3 sets of 15-20 reps three times/week. Once that’s too easy, add a 5 second hold at the top of each rep. When that’s no longer challenging you can add some weight so you start breaking bed frames.


Multiple orgasms for men…

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Are multiple orgasms for men possible?  Those who are familiar with tantra methods probably know that they do exist and it is possible to achieve them. The key is understanding that orgasm and ejaculation are not the very same thing. They usually happen so fast that we are used to to thinking of them as one, but this is not the case. The point is, after you explode your load, there comes the refraction phase, this time when you are kind of “useless” to a woman who may not have climaxed yet as you lose your interest in sex. Instead of making her come, you’d rather just relax, smoke or just go to sleep (or go home). And it takes you some time to get ready for sex again.

But if you learn how to control and postpone your ejaculation, it is possible to have a few orgasms in a row. And it’s not so difficult to achieve. Enters the pubococcygeal muscle, in short PC. It’s located in your pelvic floor and you can find it easily by stopping your mid-stream pee. If you can’t do it, it means this little chap needs some exercise to get stronger. You need to be able to use it during intercourse as it’s the key to distinguishing between orgasm and ejaculation.

You can practice during  masturbation before introducing the method into your sex life. Slow, steady stimulation is recommended because it allows you to take note of the changes taking place as you move through the orgasm cycle. It will especially help you to distinguish between orgasm and ejaculation. Once you can feel yourself at the point of no return (orgasmic feelings just pre ejaculation), stop jerking yourself and squeeze your PC muscle for a count of ten. Give yourself a minute’s break, and then restart the hand job again to take yourself back to the same point. Ejaculation at any moment is entirely optional; you may find you prefer the undulating waves of repetitive orgasm too much! 

Once you’re ready to introduce the novelty to bed you might tell your partner about it, we may also treat your ejaculation as a mark of “well done job” and may be dismayed at the lack of your explosion.

Virginity vs women’s freedom

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For long years women’s sexuality was oppressed. We were told that we just have to do our ‘marital duty’ no matter if we liked it or not, no matter if it was pleasurable or painful. Worse, we were supposed to stay pure and untouched and keep the flower for the husband who was supposed to be that first one. Patriarchal society and major religions excelled at brainwashing like this. Some cultures even went further than that (they still do) and mutilated women’s genitals by cutting off the clitoris and sewing the labia together… Just to make sure they stay untouched.

All of these equal to the fact that a woman and her pussy were commodities, the live commodities whose opinions or needs were not really taken into account. Additionally, even women themselves got brainwashed into believing and  maintaining this status quo. Don’t you remember, ladies, how your mothers told you that a respectable girl doesn’t do this or that? And urging you to guard your hymen for your future husband? Fortunately this is changing, more and more women in Western societies don’t believe the bullshit about staying innocent till marriage and prefer to explore their own sexuality whenever they want.

After all, if a woman’s completely innocent how can she tell if a man that  deflowered her and continues to have access to her bed as a ‘rightful master and husband’ does any good job there? If she can’t compare, she has absolutely no clue. Perhaps she could find a better man…

Getting a sexual match is equally important as other aspects of a relationship.

Of course it’s also bad news for you guys, ’cause now you have to prove your worth in bed to women who are aware of their sexuality and their needs. They know what they want and for sure it’s a not a man who cares only about his own satisfaction.

In Hekate’s Passage book, our female protagonists are not innocent girls, they have a certain amount of sexual experience and this is also why they can fully appreciate the skills of their rockers. These guys really rock their world.

Orgasm – how many types of climax do exist?


You probably remember this note that we published not that long ago. Since that time while browsing the net I have found some more interesting things about orgasm that I would like to share with you. So first of all, how many types of orgasm do exist? And secondly, can only women experience them?

Let’s start the list for women then:

– clitoral orgasm, those of us that like to play with our little pearls of pleasure know it very well. If our partner is skillful with his tongue, lips and fingers he (or she) can lead us to it as well;

– vaginal orgasm, and while we’re at it these three just have to be mentioned:

i. G point stimulation orgasm (you already know how to find it, guys?), the interesting thing is, another G point can be also found in the anus…;

ii. the A spot orgasm – can be achieved by stimulating the point that is more or less 4-5 inches deep on the anterior wall of vagina, the same wall as G point is situated. And again A point can be also found in the anus…;

iii. the Deep spot orgasm (the posterior fornix orgasm) – through stimulation of all the area way back in the deepest part of the back wall of the vagina, just before the cervix.;

– squirting orgasm – through stimulation of G point or the clitoris, unfortunately not many women can experience it as it really resembles the need to pee, so we have to be really comfortable with our partners to let ourselves get carried away in this way. In fact quite some women can still confuse squirting with peeing…;

– orgasm through stimulation of the breast – yep, possible for us… ;

– oral orgasm – through kissing (oooh, our Jim’s an expert at this) or giving head… lol… a man’s dream 😉 but lips and the inside of the mouth is a powerful erogenous zone;

– the skin orgasm – can happen during sensual massages;

– dream-gasm – after having some really erotic and sensual dreams;

– mental orgasm – yep, while fantasizing about somebody really inspiring… I think I can confess that writing about our male protagonist can bring us really close to this state… Just an orgasm from the pure excitement alone;

– and finally, megagasm, according to Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., Artist and Ecosexual Sexecologist., it’s the volcano of all orgasms, or the tsunami of all orgasms. A megagasm is an intense full body experience, a deeply emotional experience, and for some a deeply spiritual experience. It generally lasts an extended lengthy of time, from thirty seconds to in some cases up to an hour or two. Several megagasms have been documented on video, although they are extremely rare. Not that many women are capable of letting go that deeply or handling that much pleasure and ecstasy and orgasmic energy. As the name implies it can be brought on by some mega sensations – heavy fucking, super strong vibrator on the clit, anal sex, bondage experience etc…Generally experiences way beyond ‘normal intercourse’… I wonder, do the fainting of our female protagonists in the book count as megagasm?

Well, how many of these can men have? Given the fact that the G spot and A spot can also be found in anus they should be able to experience this kind of sensation. As for the rest, you can watch an interesting talk I found.

Blow jobs. Why does she refuse?

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You, guys, probably have wondered countless times why she refuses to go down on you. Are there any reasons why she refuses to kneel down and worship your maleness with her mouth?  I suppose there might be some. First of them is generally the fact that most of us, women, are brought up to believe that blow jobs are the things that only porn stars do and no respectable woman is supposed even to consider lowering herself to this, figuratively and literally speaking. In this case, I guess it’s a long way in front of you overcoming her sexual inhibitions and convincing her that what two people do in bed should be of no concern of some moralists, religions, priests, whatever. As long as it’s consensual. A woman has to want it, she has to get horny thinking that your dick in her mouth gives her the absolute power over you… After all if we blow you, your most sensitive organ is in our mouths and we do have teeth…

The other possible reason is the taste… And while speaking of taste, the smell can’t be left out. Errr… Gentelmen… When was the last time you showered? Sometimes going on public transport can make me believe that some people have never heard of soap… However, even if you have just washed properly (and she knows it) and feel horny, make sure you rinsed off all the soap from you dick and nuts. It doesn’t taste particularly enticing. And if you washed, you may as well think of trimming the jungle you have on your loins and nuts, though here, from what I have heard, feminine preferences may vary. Some of us may prefer you to stay very hairy on your private parts. Well, perhaps they like the hair going into and tickling their noses and they don’t mind spending half an hour first just trying to find your dick in that bush. But if any of us has to pause to remove some pubic hair that just got stranded between our teeth don’t complain that we’ve ruined it for you.

And last but not the least, you want a blow job, more than one and as often as possible? Right? But what was the last time you gave her some oral sex? If you make her clit feel very, very happy with your tongue skills  the woman may be more willing to reciprocate.

Ps. Almost as an afterthought I might add that if you do get it and you like how we do it, it’s probably best not to speculate about the origins of our talent. Just enjoy the moment and be happy that we’re good at it. And grateful…