Sexual advantages of being a woman


Can you think of any?

Well… The first thing that comes to mind are much more ways of experiencing orgasms, the other one that pops out is – multiple orgasms (unless you, gentlemen, learn that technique I mentioned a few posts back). What else?

Hmmm… For sure it’s an advantage that no one around knows that we may be having dirty thoughts and how aroused we are. Our pussies can be leaking and yearning for a penetration but you’ll be none the wiser. There are no very visible telltale signs of of our sexual excitement apart perhaps from our pupils being more dilated, our cheeks being rosier and more rugged breath. There’s no visible tenting up on the under waist, as it happens in your case, gentlemen.  We could almost masturbate in public and you wouldn’t know it. All it takes is putting our bag on our knees if we sit somewhere, slid our hand underneath our pants or skirts and then just start investigating the contents of our panties.  We can finger our clits in silence, after all, we’re vocal only for you in bed. When we do solo sex we don’t really need “ohs’ and ‘ahs’, all these pleasure moans to tell you how sexually skilled and efficient you are.

tumblr_l9gfdqiYAO1qbbfmvo1_500Any other ideas, ladies and gentlemen?

When you can’t be as free as you would want to…

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Virginity, this tiny membrane of flesh turned out to be a curse for a woman. There are still cultures and religions where a woman is required to stay pure till marriage and if she doesn’t she can face some dire and grave consequences.

But modern life has its temptations. A woman wants to use it to the maximum, especially if she knows that after she gets married she’ll be in a literal prison. So she discovers the pleasures of sex and loses the flower. However, not being innocent can cost her life, so however much I hate this necessity to conform, to be hypocritical and not to stand up for what you believe in, it’s better to be hypocritical and live. Already several years back quite some surgery clinics started to offer hymenoplasty as one of the procedures. Hymenoplasty is simply restoring the virginal membrane. It takes about 30 minutes under local anaesthetics. For those who can’t afford the surgical procedure another way was introduced. Do you know what the pic underneath shows?


It’s a fake hymen. One website sells them for about 23 Euros. You just put the stuff into your vagina, it makes you feel tighter and then during penetration it releases a certain amount of blood. Thus the rightful owner and master feels satisfied that he got undamaged goods…

Another, perhaps more practical and at the same time funny approach is presented in the video underneath.

Here while I applaud of the ‘creativity’ of such women who decide to do it this way, I don’t entirely approve of the motives presented in this video… I understand why women from really conservative families are forced to fake virginity, but this parody touches completely a different point.

Virginity vs women’s freedom

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For long years women’s sexuality was oppressed. We were told that we just have to do our ‘marital duty’ no matter if we liked it or not, no matter if it was pleasurable or painful. Worse, we were supposed to stay pure and untouched and keep the flower for the husband who was supposed to be that first one. Patriarchal society and major religions excelled at brainwashing like this. Some cultures even went further than that (they still do) and mutilated women’s genitals by cutting off the clitoris and sewing the labia together… Just to make sure they stay untouched.

All of these equal to the fact that a woman and her pussy were commodities, the live commodities whose opinions or needs were not really taken into account. Additionally, even women themselves got brainwashed into believing and  maintaining this status quo. Don’t you remember, ladies, how your mothers told you that a respectable girl doesn’t do this or that? And urging you to guard your hymen for your future husband? Fortunately this is changing, more and more women in Western societies don’t believe the bullshit about staying innocent till marriage and prefer to explore their own sexuality whenever they want.

After all, if a woman’s completely innocent how can she tell if a man that  deflowered her and continues to have access to her bed as a ‘rightful master and husband’ does any good job there? If she can’t compare, she has absolutely no clue. Perhaps she could find a better man…

Getting a sexual match is equally important as other aspects of a relationship.

Of course it’s also bad news for you guys, ’cause now you have to prove your worth in bed to women who are aware of their sexuality and their needs. They know what they want and for sure it’s a not a man who cares only about his own satisfaction.

In Hekate’s Passage book, our female protagonists are not innocent girls, they have a certain amount of sexual experience and this is also why they can fully appreciate the skills of their rockers. These guys really rock their world.

Feminine sexuality


While browsing internet I came across an article about celebs who waited with sex till after marriage. However, it’s not the hymen and glorifying its presence, the notion that was pushed upon us by the patriarchal society and various religions that I want to write about today. I got inspired by one of the comments that was under the article. It could be briefly summarized as follows:

Sex is much more pleasant for women because:

– they can have stronger orgasms as well as multiple ones as well as various types of of it while man can have only one and at a much weaker scope ;

– they get less tired, the only position when they actually work is the cowgirl or a reverse cowgirl;

– a woman can always have sex while a man may not get a hard on, more than that, when he does get a hard on he should watch out not to come too fast, which is pretty stressful;

– apart from the point above, a man has to show that he’s a good lover and make his lover climax (hear hear) while getting a man climax is not really so hard (a single gear shaft device 😉 );

– women have many more and much more sensitive erogenous zones than men, their skin is also 7 times more sensitive to touch;

– women have one body part that is solely dedicated to sex and pleasure and doesn’t serve any other purpose – the clitoris, more than that, the clitoris is a more sensitive organ than a men’s penis;

– after orgasm men lose the interest in sex and would just relax before having more of it while women can have more shagging straight away.

Well, well, well, given all these reasons, we should actually flock after men and molest them for sex all the time. But we don’t do it… Why? That is the question… Why are there so many jokes about headaches as an excuse for not wanting sex? And so on… Can you think of any plausible explanation for this situation?

However, here’s good news. Our novel’s female protagonists don’t have headaches, they are always ready and horny for their men. And even if it doesn’t reflect women’s attitudes in reality, the worse for reality. The book is a fantasy and we see no reason for writing about bad sex and bad lovers.  The rockers are perfect lovers, sex gods for these girls, that’s why Yasmin, Eleyne and the other 2 girls always want more sex and are ready to accept all kinky ideas of their lovers…

Who is she?

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photomania_947507508Hekate, the Triplex as the ancient called her, was one of the most important moon goddesses of the history. Her origin is probably lost in time but it is believed that she belonged to the Middle East culture, and as other divine figures, she fell in disgrace after the rising of the new generation of male gods who dominated the old continent. Hekate was a goddess who inspired fear and devotion, she ruled the moonless night – the domain of old ghosts, as well as the mysterious underworld  which devoured the men, but at the same time she was a domestic deity, who watched over women and their families. In this narration we refer to her as an enigmatic symbol of femininity, a mixture of passion and tenderness, which has no limits and no shame at following the path of its own desire. Discover Hekate in every woman around while reading our story.