Our metal fascination

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If you watch the documentary above perhaps you’ll be able to understand why this music and the bands are such a turn on for us. A sufficient turn on to make us fantasize about band members in an erotic way, and to go as far as to write a book about them. But those guys were just gorgeous. Some of them still are, still possess more magnet in their persons, personalities and pants than some young inexperienced puppies. Sometimes I have an impression that current music, be it pop or whatever else, doesn’t inspire such devotion and frenzy among fans. Well,  not counting all those teenagers who are after Justin Bieber…

Anyway, the video doesn’t show the whole picture though, it’s limited to The Sunset Strip. But the metal didn’t only rule there, there were other places on earth where it flourished, the European metal rocked as well. All the British metal bands as well as quite a few German and Swedish ones were there as well and they kicked ass. Quite a lot of them still do. Our book, Hekete’s Passage is a tribute to them all.

Oral sex – blow jobs and eating pussy

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After watching and listening to the above I, as well as any other woman, might add: “it won’t lick itself, so what are you waiting for?” Steel Panther excels at writing sexually explicit and funny lyrics, but obviously oral sex hasn’t started to be popular in their heyday. Who actually ‘invented’ it? Aren’t you curious?

It seems that using mouth and tongue to please another person was already common among the ancient people. Especially before Christian missionaries started to fight with it, it was appreciated in many primitive cultures.

Already in the 7th century BC, a poet, Archilloch wrote a poem, a hymn to fellatio – the oldest known  literary form about this manner of ars amandi, and as the ancient Greeks considered oral sex as one of the most pleasant ways of loving, this poem may have not been the only one. Ancient Romans were of the same opinion about blow jobs, the only difference is that there was rank involved. It was ok to receive fellatio from somebody of a lower rank than you, while it was considered degrading and out of question to give it to somebody that stood lower in the hierarchy than you..

Ancient Chinese also favoured oral sex, their poets and philosophers encouraged both sexes to take every possible pleasure from it. According to them, eating your woman out granted her eternal youth and health.

Indian Kamasutra also describes oral sex, here however, the authors suggest that this kind of pleasures should be provided by a ‘qualified personnel’  rather than spouses. Oral sex though pleasant was considered impure and it was impossible to require impure things from a loved person.

The problem came with Christianity and middle dark ages when everything connected with sex started to be seen as sin, obviously this form of pleasuring one another joined the long list of transgressions. Sex that was not leading to procreation and served only the purpose of creating pleasure and fulfilling one’s desire couldn’t be left out. According to the middle ages doctrine anything that did it led you the very bottom of hell. Do I have to add that such a close, intimate contact between lips and sexual organs was filthy as hell at the very least in the eyes of church representatives?

As a result, quite a lot of cultures had to say bye to fellatio and cunnilingus for quite a long time – all the inhabitants of Africa, both Americas, even Australian Aborigenes…

What’s funny is that Jews never had these kind of restrictions against oral sex. It was always considered ‘natural’ in this religion…

dave m

How about a new sexy product for rock or heavy metal bands?

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Everybody knows that sex and rock’n’roll go together. I don’t really believe any of the rockers is or has been a good boy who kept his pants up while on tour. All the groupie gossip boards are the best proof though I suspect most of the stuff posted there is what it is – just gossip. Impossible to prove true.

However, the point is, rock and heavy metal bands do inspire women erotically… Quite a lot of us would love to check out what they have in their pants. The tough truth though is that hardly any of us will be ever privileged to find it out. And you, rockers, would also have a lot of ‘work’ satisfying every lady’s curiosity, there are just too many of us. Though I bet it would be a really pleasant job…

Thus a suggestion of a new product that won’t strain you physically or put the bliss of your regular relationship at stake. A new line of sex toys. One band has already attempted it, don’t know how much success the product has have, but why not try? It’s just a few pieces of plastic or rubber. Just remember gents, don’t cheat (you know what I’m talking about) and include a personal signature. 😉

suggestion of a new product

This way each woman could satisfy her erotic dreams or fantasies connected with heavy metal and rock band whenever she wanted to.

Meet masters of sex or sex gods

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You already know, guys, what our female protagonists look like and hopefully their sex appeal inspires your imagination sufficiently. Now it’s time for a treat for the ladies who read this blog and are curious about these rockers that that are capable of bringing our heroines up in the arcane of sex while they only weep in ecstasy and ask for more.

Meet the Julian Twist. Sexier then hell, you couldn’t get them hotter if you set them on fire.

Enter Colin, the band’s front man. The tallest of the band, Colin is Yasmin’s crush. He’s a well built man with brown eyes, short blond hair and a few loop earrings in his ears. The hottest dream of Yasmin is to have certain intimacy with her crush when he’s clothed in sexy leather garments that accentuate his crotch really nicely. Oh my, she would really love to find out what he has for her inside those leather pants.

Eleyne has her eye on Tony, one of the twin axes of Julian Twist. She can’t stop fantasizing about this slender man with shoulder length messy brown hair with only a few highlights on the front.  Roguish seductiveness in his brown eyes combined with his hypnotizing  smile make her knees weak and pussy wet. However Eleyne’s a naughty girl with perverse appetite that just needs a right trigger to wake up, she just can’t  wait to put her dirty paws on Jim, the other axeman of the band.

Too bad for her, Melisa is on the possessive side and is not the one to share her crush, Jim, the sex symbol of the band, a slim man with long mane of blond curly hair and blue eyes. Mrrr, these blue eyes of his. You could drown in them. He also sports a naughty reputation of being a guy who can’t keep his pants up for 24 hours and shagging anything that moves and has a pussy.

Ted, the only man with a beard and a moustache in the band is Babette’s sweetheart. A not really tall guy, but Babette doesn’t mind, she’s not the tallest herself, anyway, height doesn’t really matter in bed, does it? Ted has long dark hair, as heavy metal fashion of the 80s dictated, dresses in denim and leather just like his band mates and has the softest brown eyes Babette has ever seen.

How does it sound to you, ladies? I know many women that wouldn’t say no to them if they suddenly appeared in their bedrooms. It certainly wouldn’t really matter for them that all these guys are not in their 30s anymore. They would lock the doors, throw away the keys and not let them out of bed… The only little snag is… most of them are in relationships…. And you know what men can be like, I don’t think they would approve of them taking a rocker lover.

Soooo… Are our recommendations enough to fuel your sexual fantasies and make you have wet erotic dreams later on at night?

Secrets of erotica: our heroines vs typical porn stars

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There’s been a study recently, the study conducted by Jon Millward and published on his website. He chose to examine the profiles of thousands of porn stars on the Internet Adult Film Database and the result may be quite surprising. You probably expect that an average star of adult movies is a blonde with large tits – a woman that a stereotypical male sexual fantasy may picture in such a context. Wrong. A typical girl from blue movies has brown hair and a B-cup (though this would be probably much different if all those girls knew their correct bra size).  Apart from that she’s a 5-foot-5, 117 pound Caucasian woman.

How do these findings relate to our erotic book heroines? Are Yasmin, Eleyne, Melisa and Babette taller or shorter than the average porn star? What about their boobs and weight? As well as hair… Do our rockers get a good deal by meeting them? Would you get sexually inspired if you met them?

Meet our female protagonists then.

Yasmin, the mind of the international  paranormal ‘research team’ is a small 5-foot-5, green eyed, brown haired Argentinean girl. She has a slim but curvy, hourglass figure and 32FF boobs, childlike face and a really dirty mind capable of conceiving the hottest erotic ideas and fantasies. Thanks to her feminine charms and wiles she seduces the rocker that seems unreachable for any woman, perhaps she’s also a witch granted with the special graces of the goddess Hekate…

Eleyne, a Polish girl who lives in Italy, the other main narrator of Hekate’s Passage, is 5 inches taller than Yasmin but her eyes are the same color. She’s actually the tallest of all the girls  and has the fairest hair, of honey color. She also can’t complain about her womanly attributes wearing a bra size 32GG or 34G and sporting a nice round butt and narrow waist. Her sexual appetite and hot attitude captivate her crush very effectively sending him to the moon and back.

Melisa, the youngest in the ‘team’ is a petite American brunette with brown eyes. Visual approximation makes us believe she should wear a whereabouts of a 30FF-G, unfortunately for her the U.S. is not really famous for its bra-fitting services. In the novel she wears nipple covers (as that piece of garment can’t be called a bra) from one of the very popular American brands in a 32D. She also seems to be the most prude of the girls, she’s capable of crossing sexual inhibitions but only with her crush.

Babette is a 5-foot 4 naughty French girl who defies stereotypes that usually refer to women from this nation. You know what I mean, guys. French girls are said to be small boobed… Luckily for our rockers, Babette has an Italian lineage, which makes her boobs a tantalizing 32F. If you add hair long chestnut hair and blue eyes to the deal, you won’t resist her. And obviously, as all the the other girls, she’s a curvy one, with a figure resembling a shapely hourglass.

You could still ask how old they are…  But it doesn’t mean you will get an answer. Haven’t they taught you that you don’t make questions about a woman’s age?

What do you think, guys? Does it sound good to you? Would our heroines inspire your sexual dreams and fantasies?  Would you screw them stupid and enhance your erotic life just like the rockers do?

Clitoral fantasies


Oyster at Merle

Have you ever noticed how fingers of all these virtuoso guitarists dance on fret boards? Skillful fingers, moving fast or slowly, knowing exactly where to press and how to do it to get a desired effect – to make a guitar weep in ecstasy. Don’t they make you wonder and fantasize? Weave sexual fantasies in your mind about what they could do with those nimble fingers of theirs on your clits… Fingers tapping, stroking, pulling, sliding up and down the strings. What if instead of strings  it were your pussy… ? Could they make your clit vibrate in pleasure just like strings of  guitars?

Additionally quite a lot of them are really fond of displaying their tongues and licking their guitars while playing and performing, and they do it deliberately. They want us, women, to think of how they can swirl them on our hot, wet pearls of pleasure. And I have to admit this approach is successful… At least for us… Does it work on you too and make you have sexual fantasies that make you burn in desire for these gorgeous, randy beasts of axe men?

Fragments of Chapter 1 (2), Hekate’s Passage, Part 1, Volume 1

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This is the continuation of the scene from this post.

“For me it’s the same, gals. Tony’s been and still is an extraordinarily hot guy. I would do him anytime…” I muse wantonly seeing him with the eyes of my imagination, seeing how he has been changing during all those years of his heavy-metal career. What has stayed the same is his captivating smile, and his brown eyes. As well as his figure. He’s always been very slim but not too tall. What kept on changing was his hairstyle, from shoulder length unruly dark hair, through long feathered and highlighted hair to the style he has now. Blond hair, reaching slightly below his shoulder and seemingly always messy… Well, and sure he has gained some wrinkles, but he only looks hotter with them.

Then I remember something and I share it with Yasmin and Melisa.

“Gals, have you heard of Belmondo?”

“Belmondo, Belmondo…” Melisa muses, “I think I heard his name… I just don’t remember where…”

Well, she’s American, so I’m not really too surprised she’s not too savvy about European culture. But Yasmin also seems to be raking her mind, and she finally says.

“I think I once saw a movie with him. Isn’t he an actor?”

“Yes, he’s a French actor,” I confirm and Melisa sighs.

“Now I know why this name has been nagging me, I’ve read about him… I didn’t see any movies with him though, ”  she adds as an afterthought.

“So, what about him?”

“Well, I read some gossip columns about him and it seems that even though he’s 78 now he still has a very young girlfriend. The girl is 35, mind you… So she’s more than twice younger than him…”

The gals whistle and Yasmin laughs. “Well, I wonder. Is he still …?” Here she hesitates, apparently not being able to phrase it delicately. I help her formulate her thought in a much cruder way.

“You wanted to ask if he can still get it up…? Well, if she’s not with him for the money and prestige then I suppose he has to. Women of this age start to have some needs that have to be taken care of. And they only start to grow then…”

They burst out laughing and I join them. When Yasmin manages to stop her giggles she utters. “Well, even if he can’t get it up I suppose that being French he has to know how to use his fingers and tongue… And has some experience to back him up…”

This bring more peals of laughter from us, when our wicked giggles subside I add. “You know, I used to laugh at all these jokes about ‘old lechers’ and young women, but now I just can’t… Not with Tony…”

“I can understand what you mean.” Yasmin sighs, “You want Tony too much to laugh at such silly jokes…”

“Exactly.” I nod my head, “I get completely wet just thinking what he could do with me… Damned, if he suddenly showed up here I’d do him even on these stones.”

“I imagine this could be a bit uncomfortable. The stones are cold and hard, but I understand it too well. If miracles happened and Jim turned up here as well, I wouldn’t hesitate a moment…” Melisa sighs.

We keep silent for a moment thinking about our respective crushes, then Yasmin suggests. “I can ask Babette about Belmondo, she’s French, so she must know about French actors. Let me text her.”

And she takes out her mobile phone to type a message to Babette. After a few minutes she receives a reply. “Babette confirms your gossip. She says her mum loves the actor and knows everything about him. She also says she has stuffed herself with painkillers and other medicines and she may join us when she feels better… and if she doesn’t feel so groggy…”

“Sure, the wine is certainly waiting for her,” I smile, “though I think we have already eaten most of the food.”

“She said she has ordered a pizza. And I’m not really sure if she should drink wine after all the medicines she took,” Yasmin answers then thinks for a moment. “Gals, but even putting thoughts about their ages aside, I still can only dream about putting my hands on Colin. He’s really inaccessible to me and to any other woman as well…”

She turns sad. And it’s true what she said… It looks like no matter how many women pine after him, none of them will ever get him.

We finish our meal in pensive silence; if I can guess well, Yasmin is thinking about Colin, and Melisa must be fantasizing about Jim, judging from her absent-minded expression. My mind keeps on spinning around hot scenarios centering on Tony, too.

With the food all finished, we continue with one more bottle of wine, and I decide to turn on some music – bring out the Ipod and start playing Julian Twist. We decide we want Protectors of the Belief… The music’s playing, our bodies are starting to sway, we are sipping our wine, and my thoughts are getting hotter and hotter. I can hear the music pulsing and throbbing through my body, and this burning feeling stirs in my lower abdomen; I can’t and don’t want to sit any more. I get up and start dancing. I can feel some strange power in me, growing, wanting more. As I dance I start to strip and the gals are staring at me. I ask them.

“Don’t you feel it? This place makes me feel so feminine and powerful; it’s filling me up with energy.”

They look at me in a strange way, but I can see they can feel the same strange emotion, too. Melisa joins me in the dance and she strips while dancing, too. Now each of us celebrates one anothers’ femininity, all swaying to the beat of seductive, sensual Julian Twist music that we all love so much.  It almost feels as if we were calling them with our minds and bodies to join us in this crazy dance…