Fragments of Chapter 1 (3), Hekate’s Passage, part 1, vol. 1

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Yasmin’s Story:

It looks like the time to start the research has begun. I definitely feel something strange here, something that needs to be investigated. So even though my body is stirring, making me want to join my girlfriends in their sensual strutting around the fire, I try to overcome it and rule my body. A short meditation, a few long breaths and I succeed in keeping my mind clear. Then I just leave them possessed by whatever is coming  over us here. I walk to the car and search for the instruments. I pick a Geiger counter, some multi-field meters and my laptop, which are all connected to the multi-field detectors. I try to turn them on, but to my surprise the laptop battery is dead as well as the multi-field meters.. I sigh in disgust, and try to turn an mp3 and camcorder that I have brought along. The result is the same… all are dead. Though I still hear the music playing, coming from the circle, so Melisa’s Ipod must be still working. We are in the right place at the right time, I think, getting out of the car to walk to place where I was before with the gals; but there is nobody there and sudden silence surrounds me. I remember I have a multi-radiation finder to detect microwaves, which will indicate any strange presence. I turn it on and it works!

But my friends have vanished, along with the remains of dinner, the fire, the litter. At the same momenta thick fog is creeping near, coming from the stones.  My blood feels like it is freezing in my veins, and the multi-radiation finder is beeping aloud. The fog gets me inside its grasp and the instrument almost screams as it beeps. Then I become dizzy and blinded; I try to hold onto something but there is nothing but weeds. My knees fail and I fall on the cold ground, completely confused. I close my eyes for a moment. At least I think it’s for a moment, it could have been much longer. When I open them again I see a road under the setting sun, and a car that is coming near. The car is an old-style car. I don´t know much about cars, but definitely this one doesn’t look  new. I only have an impression that it may have been manufactured in the ‘80s. I don´t know what to think, I feel too insecure to make any conjectures.

The car approaches me, slows down and stops. The window opens and I see Colin Crawford, just the way he was looking in the middle ‘80s.  He has short blond hair and a few loop earrings in his left ear. His oval face has a softer expression under the sun of this clueless time than I thought, but his features are strong and neat. His brown eyes are filled with amazement with the sight of me standing there confused. He is taller than I thought, slender and elegant. His look fits the rocker fashion in those years: a mixture of glam and leather that features his sex appeal. I’m just staring at him, looking at his face and body, sliding my eyes over his chest covered with a soft, pale shirt and then down to his legs in jeans, as if he were a wonderful apparition.  My jaw must be dropping down at the moment. I feel as if somebody has just hit me on my head. Him? Here? How? Why? Before I can say anything, staring at him  as if hypnotized, he looks concerned and asks me:

“Is everything alright? You look lost…”

I nod and answer. “I was camping with my girlfriends at Hekate’s Passage, you know this circle of stones?”

He says he does.

“We wanted to do some research for my Institute, but they started dancing naked around the fire to your music, saying they felt some strange energy in the place. I could feel it, too, but I wanted to investigate it and bring my instruments to do it. They were not working, though, and when I came back to the circle there was a strange fog there and everything, my friends, the fire were gone…”

I try to explain but apparently what I’m saying is vague and imprecise, or perhaps incredible as Colin face shows a stunned look, though he’s still trying to be nice and polite with me. Does he believe me?  What he has heard may be incredible, indeed.

The back windows of the car open and I see Jim, looking… smoking hot. And also with middle ‘80s look – with a long mane of blond curly hair. He exclaims. “My ears don’t deceive me? Did I really hear that that your girlfriends were dancing naked to our music and now you can’t find them? Sure we’ll help you look for them,” he starts joking. “We’re always ready to help naked women…”

The expression of his eyes suddenly makes me aware of my own looks. I’m wearing just denim shorts and a t-shirt, nothing really fancy or glamorous, but now I’m starting to regret it. I’d like one of these clinging sexy tops that hug your body that Eleyne says she always wears. I’d like to see admiration in his and Colin’s eyes (or knowing Colin’s preferences, I wish it were admiration, not curiosity).


Meet masters of sex or sex gods

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You already know, guys, what our female protagonists look like and hopefully their sex appeal inspires your imagination sufficiently. Now it’s time for a treat for the ladies who read this blog and are curious about these rockers that that are capable of bringing our heroines up in the arcane of sex while they only weep in ecstasy and ask for more.

Meet the Julian Twist. Sexier then hell, you couldn’t get them hotter if you set them on fire.

Enter Colin, the band’s front man. The tallest of the band, Colin is Yasmin’s crush. He’s a well built man with brown eyes, short blond hair and a few loop earrings in his ears. The hottest dream of Yasmin is to have certain intimacy with her crush when he’s clothed in sexy leather garments that accentuate his crotch really nicely. Oh my, she would really love to find out what he has for her inside those leather pants.

Eleyne has her eye on Tony, one of the twin axes of Julian Twist. She can’t stop fantasizing about this slender man with shoulder length messy brown hair with only a few highlights on the front.  Roguish seductiveness in his brown eyes combined with his hypnotizing  smile make her knees weak and pussy wet. However Eleyne’s a naughty girl with perverse appetite that just needs a right trigger to wake up, she just can’t  wait to put her dirty paws on Jim, the other axeman of the band.

Too bad for her, Melisa is on the possessive side and is not the one to share her crush, Jim, the sex symbol of the band, a slim man with long mane of blond curly hair and blue eyes. Mrrr, these blue eyes of his. You could drown in them. He also sports a naughty reputation of being a guy who can’t keep his pants up for 24 hours and shagging anything that moves and has a pussy.

Ted, the only man with a beard and a moustache in the band is Babette’s sweetheart. A not really tall guy, but Babette doesn’t mind, she’s not the tallest herself, anyway, height doesn’t really matter in bed, does it? Ted has long dark hair, as heavy metal fashion of the 80s dictated, dresses in denim and leather just like his band mates and has the softest brown eyes Babette has ever seen.

How does it sound to you, ladies? I know many women that wouldn’t say no to them if they suddenly appeared in their bedrooms. It certainly wouldn’t really matter for them that all these guys are not in their 30s anymore. They would lock the doors, throw away the keys and not let them out of bed… The only little snag is… most of them are in relationships…. And you know what men can be like, I don’t think they would approve of them taking a rocker lover.

Soooo… Are our recommendations enough to fuel your sexual fantasies and make you have wet erotic dreams later on at night?

Fragments of Chapter 1, Hekate’s Passage, volume 1, part 1

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Soon the fire is crackling nicely. As I prepare the sticks with the sausages, my womb starts to stir again; I feel more heat in my pussy as I stare into the flames, almost as if the fire was channeling its energy inside me, and my thoughts wander again to what I would like to do with Tony.  Oh boy, those brown captivating eyes of his… And with Jim… Or even better with both of them at the same time. I think my expression becomes more than just idle reverie as Yasmin nudges me.

“Eleyne, stop daydreaming, woman. It’s not the time or place for it.”

“For me it’s always the right time and place to fantasize about Tony, and about…” Here I bite my tongue, not finishing and sigh. Perhaps Melisa shouldn’t hear about my appetite concerning Jim. She’s more than just a bit jealous about him, even if he doesn’t know about her, as she is just another one of his ardent fans.

“Eleyne, we’re hungry. At least start grilling these sausages while you moon about.” Melisa smiles.

She’s correct. I can as well daydream about him doing any activity, even if it’s just preparing a meal. Though in case of tasks requiring more of my concentration, things can get screwed up. Tony and Jim claim almost all my attention, making me forgetful and also inefficient at performing just about any task. We open a bottle from my stash while preparing our meal. We are all so hungry. We don’t wait for the sausages to cook and eat some bread and cheese first to help quelch or hunger.

While we’re holding the sticks with sausages over the flames, trying to grill them properly instead of just burning them, Melisa asks me.

“How much do you feel for Tony?”

“Melisa, what can I say? I’ve never felt this way for any other guy. I kind of know that for some people it may seem like a stupid fan-idol fascination, but really, I used to fancy some other musicians. And things never got to this level as with Tony. I just can’t stop thinking about him.”

“I know how you feel. Jim is the same for me. It’s just such a pity that I won’t be able to see him in the fall, when Julian Twist will be touring to the U.S.”

“Perhaps, we could try to pay him a visit. His mansion is not really that far from here,” Yasmin suggests with a naughty smile.

“Well, can you play golf?” she asks.

“Not really… We could request a lesson from him, couldn’t we?” Yasmin continues with an impish look in her eyes. Is she also after Jim? I thought that Colin, the band front man was her crush. I see that Melisa has noticed these sparks  as well and I can almost see her grind her teeth.

“Keep your dirty thoughts off Jim. He’s mine.”

“First you have to catch him,” I wink.

She sighs. “Unfortunately you are right. It may not be so easy.”

I sigh as well. “A kingdom to somebody who could somehow invite me backstage or to a hotel they’ll be staying at, so that I can put my paws on Tony…”

“He could be your father, you know…” Yasmin gets into a pensive mood.

“Well… What can I say? Jim could be even my grandfather if he and his offspring had been stubborn enough about it,” Melisa shrugs.

“I suppose that could refer to Colin too,” Yasmin agrees, “but I don’t really care. He’s somebody special to me and I don’t really care about his age or any other thing the people can tell me about him.”


Sorry, we can’t post anything explicit here. I know some of you may expect something more juicy but WordPress doesn’t really allow adult contents…

Un placer para los hispanoparlantes – La Encrucijada de Hécate – Introducción

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La Historia de Jazmín

En una no muy remota colina inglesa desde hace largos siglos yacen colocadas en un curioso círculo un grupo de piedras, cerca de un sitio conocido como El Paraje de Hécate. La gente le teme. Hablan de ciertos hechos extraños acontecidos aquí, nadie sabe por qué. Pero hay quienes dicen que los Twist, la banda de heavy metal que admiramos de una forma muy particular estuvo a punto de morir aquí cerca. Una noche de neblina, mientras su auto pasaba cerca del Paraje de Hécate, los Twist tuvieron un accidente que casi les resulta fatal. La leyenda cuenta que este accidente libero una especie de energía que ha seguido presente en el lugar durante los último 30 años. Como miembro del Centro de Investigaciones Paranormales hacer una búsqueda e investigación sobre el sitio siempre me ha interesado y me ofrecí para ello apenas escuché los planes de encarar ese tema.

Somos nada más que cuatro chicas, Eleyne, Babette, Melissa y yo. Sólo yo pertenezco al Centro de Investigaciones Paranormales; el resto ha sido arrastrado por mí a esta loca búsqueda, atraídas por las historias desquiciadas de los vecinos del lugar sobre gente de pelo largo y vestida como en los años 1970, completamente alterados al encontrarse en una época a la que decían no pertenecer. También hay otras historias, historias sobre paisanos de la zona desaparecidos durante días, que regresan de pronto contando experiencias vividas en el pasado….Pero nuestra curiosidad va más allá del lado paranormal del asunto, en verdad queremos experimentar con algún ritual mágico al azar, que funcione como el disparador de de alguna experiencia inesperada.

Estoy muy feliz de que mis amigas hayan aceptado la invitación que les extendí.

Mi trabajo principal consiste en recolectar datos del lugar donde se ha producido el fenómeno paranormal , entonces debo enviar toda la información a los científicos del Centro, cuyo colaboradores están diseminados por el mundo entero. En estos momentos soy una principiante en esta institución, una ayuda de campo, pero tengo una buena formación en mitología, literatura y física. Todo esto me permite tener una visión más profunda de los llamados acontecimientos paranormales y sus posibles explicaciones.

Haber pasado unos años en la universidad estudiando filosofía y literatura me han permitido tener contacto con una amplia gama de ideas, nacidas tanto dentro de la búsqueda filosófica o de la pura especulación artística.

-¿Dónde cuernos estoy ahora?

Siento que la cabeza me da vueltas , a mi alrededor sólo hay oscuridad . No puedo fijar mis ojos en nada. Todo está borroso. Escucho una respiración que me parece celestial cerca de mí, en el lugar donde estoy…si es que esto puede ser llamado un lugar. Pero no. Es sólo un sueño. Estoy aquí en Buenos Aires, planeando mi viaje al Reino Unido…Pero ¿qué pasa aquí?

Algo, una mano helada que me toca desde hace años mientras duerno y oigo extraños susurros a mi lado. Todo esto se ha desvanecido y hay algo nuevo . O al menos así lo creo yo. Mi obsesión con los Julian Twist y su sonido heavy metal de los años 80, con el salvaje ataque doble de las guitarras y un vocalista agresivo y espectacular sobre un monumental muro de sonido construido sobre una base destructora de bajo- batería , me han facilitado el pergeñar la idea que me ha traído hasta aquí. Me han animado a alentar el proyecto de estudiar El Paraje Hécate y reunir fondos para lograrlo a través de becas especiales. El accidente de los Julian Twist , su música salvaje y potentes, sus integrantes sensuales , que inspiran la más locas fantasías en mi cabeza me han animado a seguir adelante en este proyecto.