Who is she?

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photomania_947507508Hekate, the Triplex as the ancient called her, was one of the most important moon goddesses of the history. Her origin is probably lost in time but it is believed that she belonged to the Middle East culture, and as other divine figures, she fell in disgrace after the rising of the new generation of male gods who dominated the old continent. Hekate was a goddess who inspired fear and devotion, she ruled the moonless night – the domain of old ghosts, as well as the mysterious underworld  which devoured the men, but at the same time she was a domestic deity, who watched over women and their families. In this narration we refer to her as an enigmatic symbol of femininity, a mixture of passion and tenderness, which has no limits and no shame at following the path of its own desire. Discover Hekate in every woman around while reading our story.