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Have you ever thought how much sex or erotic images of various kinds is used in music videos?

How many problems did Motley Crue have when in the mid 80s they decided to make a video that kind of glorified this rocker way of life, and more precisely, the easy sex they could get in all those stripper clubs. I’m talking of Girls girls girls. Frankly speaking, I’ve never seen the original video that is mentioned here where the strippers were completely naked as this article claims, just the censored version where they wear all those skimpy bras and panties. Does anybody know where to see the original?

I suppose Motley Crue were not the first to make an erotic video, for sure they were not the last.  Perhaps Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood wasn’t too sexually explicit as far as images were concerned (apart from the banned version, which is in the link), but the lyrics were definitely on the erotic, kinky side. I  also personally remember another artist who caused much commotion with her sex related videos. I’m talking of Madonna here, and the first video was Like a Prayer and the other one Justify my Love. (I know, a completely different music genre). Another artist like this was Prince, quite a sexual guy. For sure he didn’t hesitate to use sexy chicks and images in his videos.

I didn’t follow the 90s music too much, so I don’t remember any particular instances, my attention only got caught a lot of time later, in 2009 when Rammstein released their Liebe ist für alle da album. I’m talking mainly of the Pussy video, it’s been quite a shock to see it for the first time. Though I hear another video from that album also caused some controversy, however the version I saw (You tube, so there’s nothing inappropriate, You tube are a bunch of prudes) there’s nothing to open eyes wide.

Other bands and artists are going further, For example Placebo with their video to Protege-moi. Obviously you won’t find the uncensored version on Youtube…  those prudes out there take measures so that you don’t see anything unsuitable, they go even that far to censor the videoclip of Robin Thicke. IMO, Blurred Lines the x-rated version doesn’t have anything so hair raising to justify having to sign in to Youtube to confirm your age. Well, just some chicks prancing naked and that’s all.

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