Do you know everything about your penis? part 2

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How about some more curiosities about this dangly appendix you, gents, have between your legs? After all, even if you don’t admit it, it plays an important part in your lives and lives of your lovers.

Hmmm… Do you you have an idea that it’s possible to break it? You may shudder to even think about it, but penile rupture can happen. So be careful, it can happen to you during a very vigorous sex… If you hear a popping noise, you expect a really excruciating pain later. Just make sure this is treated properly, go to your doctor however embarrasing it may seem. Untreated, it may lead to permanent erectile dysfunctions.

The other curiosity about your dicks and sexuality is that actually, you, gents are programmed to finish quite quickly. After all, originally it was supposed to serve only procreation. However, if you use this excuse and become lazy, don’t expect this attitude to bring you pussy.

On the other hand, while, we, women may like our men to have the staying power and the stamina to fuck us for an unspecified (but not short) amount of time  until we get several orgasms, maintaining an erection for a prolonged period of time is not good for your health. ‘If the blood flow that causes an erection doesn’t eventually leave the penis,’ explains Dr. Fiske, ‘serious complications can result, like blood clots.’ So working out a compromise that satisfies both sides is recommended here.

You may have wondered the other day, why the only possible ways of contraception for men are actually condoms (which may break, slip off and are not generally the most comfortable to use). I have no clue if ‘a pill’ for men has been already devised or not yet, I’ve heard about some work in progress in this field. Leaving these two methods aside, you may have wondered about vasectomy, especially if you already have kids and don’t want to have more, or if you don’t want to have them at all. Sure, it is a method that works, though it’s permanent. However, even if you have the simple little procedure performed on you, you still need to be careful for more or less 2 months afterwards. Until your doc gives you an ‘all clear’.

Some of you ladies, may have experience your men complaining to you about having blue balls and saying only an orgasm can solve this issue. Well, this technically called ‘prostatic congestion,’ the achiness in the testicles is caused by ‘trapped’ blood. And indeed, an orgams will help. However, if you don’t have time for sex or even a blow job, just give him some aspirin or get him to take a warm shower. They will also do the trick.

I suppose you have looked at your penis countless times, either in the mirror or while masturbating. Have you noticed that some of your dicks are darker in color than the rest of your body? It’s supposed to be natural, but some experts suggests it may also be the result of masturbation.

And speaking of masturbation, I’ve already written some praise about it, about health benefits it brings to everybody that does it. Not to mention the bigger awereness of your own sexual needs. Apart from all of these, jerking off is a great exercise for your dicks. The less you use it, the more problems you can have trying to start it up later on.

So what can be the conclusion of this post?
Gents, get your dicks into your hands. Preferably while reading some nice erotica, ours for example. It has a lot of moments that will help you get off.