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Which of you have participated in this stirring sexual activity, no matter if you have been on the top or on the bottom? If you’re a man, having your woman over you in this special way is super intimate. You can feel and smell her more 聽than in conventional oral sex positions, remember, she obscures the light so you’re partly in the darkness. And when one of your senses, like sight, is restricted, the others tend to become stronger. Additionally you may get a direct proof of her orgasm, seeing all those contractions and vibrations that happen to her pussy. Not to mention you may get a full load of her pussy juice if you’re efficient enough to make her squirt. If you’re a man and you’re on the top, you can just get your nuts and ass licked, your dick goes in the ‘wrong’ direction 馃槈

For the ladies, it’s exhilarating to dominate a man in this way, those with a dominant streak can go even further than that and play with some restraints, cuffing or binding your man’s hands. More than that, he doesn’t pleasure you only with his lips and tongue (and hands if he’s not cuffed), you additionally get his nose… mmmm…. Yes, lie to me, Pinocchio…

One more thing. Most of us have tongues that protrude only about 2 inches from your our mouths (well, this joke about an elderly guy licking his eyebrows comes to mind here ;), so if you want the bottom to be efficient it means getting quite close. Which in turn means he may have some difficulties breathing.聽You just have to be careful not to choke him – don’t get too lost in pleasure, you want him alive, don’t you?

The above matter can be handled quite well though with special furniture. It’s possible to buy facesitting stools, though they can get quite pricy. However, if you’re a DIY person, it’s not really difficult to fashion a stool for this purpose from an old chair or stool. Just playing with some tools trimming and cutting some old furniture, and presto.


Taste of blow job

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candy sugar lips hd wallpaper

What do you, ladies, do when you find the taste of semen of your partner less than pleasant and he refuses to change his dietary habits in order to become tastier? Do you resort to the simplest though the least nice solution (for him) – not do blow jobs at all or simply not swallow the load? I know, I know, sex without giving head is like sandwich without bread and that all ‘rules’ teach that we should swallow every drop, blah blah blah…聽聽But those who wrote the rules probably never tasted their own goodies.

So what do you do to avoid or hide the taste? Use a flavored condom? Well, sometimes it’s necessary, especially if you’re a naughty girl on a 聽one night stand. Or use some intensively tasting food or drink that may numb you to the taste of semen later on? Alcohol is good here, wine or whisky. Sweets work fine as well, chocolate or candies. In case of candies you can still hold one in your mouth…

Apart from these simple solutions there’s one you buy in a sex shop.聽Masque聽is a gel strip wrapped in foil, which looks like a fancy rectangular condom. 聽Before the blow job you just place it on your tongue and wait till it dissolves. 聽The ad says that the product completely masks the taste of semen. Well, and it comes in several flavors.

Hmmm…. I think I’ll stick to candies or chocolate if I have to… At least they are natural and don’t contain half a Mendeleev’s periodic table.


Self – service

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If you’re reading this then I suppose you’re not one of these prudes who believe masturbation is evil. On the contrary, you regularly enjoy the pleasures your own hand can bring. And it’s not only pleasure that is a result of a good fingering or jerking off.

It also has some other benefits. For women, masturbation helps relieve cramps or pain; men can help maintain their prostate in good condition and also combat erectile dysfunction. Both sexes can practice to achieve better orgasms and know better their reactions. The plus for men is that they can also build up some sexual stamina… You remember the article about multiple orgasms for men, guys? You practice exactly in this way.

For men and women both, masturbating increases energy levels. Your immune systems get a boost and another orgasm lowers your blood pressure, relieves stress and makes you sleep better.

What are you waiting for then?

Your ass is mine

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Collecting pictures of all those lovely butts and not only butts keeps me inspired, it makes me think of fucking all the time. All types of fucking, in the pussy, in the 聽ass, blow jobs; promoting the fan page and thinking up new scenarios for the continuation of the book keeps us both permanently horny.

I’ve written about anal sex here several times. Have you read those posts? Have you tried if you were an anal rookie before that? If yes you probably discovered that these kind of practices are very pleasurable and make it possible to have such an orgasm that you’ll literally see the stars. And it’s an orgasm that is possible for both sexes, after all men have ass holes too. And there’s this advantage, that after an anal orgasm men don’t need to regenerate 馃槈

I won’t even mention the fact that when you do it in a doggie style position it gives a man an excellent opportunity to slap these lovely ass cheeks. And to add to the pleasure…

Just don’t forget to use a lube. Without it, inserting anything into an asshole is painful. If you trust your partner and you can fuck without a condom, vaseline or oil are the best as they don’t dry out like water based lubes that can be bought in sex shops and pharmacies. If you don’t have any other lubricant you can also 聽use saliva or pussy juice to get the anus slippery enough to allow entry.

Hmmmm… The book contains some steamy scenes where Eleyne and Melisa’s butts get really, really oily…



Ode to the butt

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188897_344806605640370_411055123_nThese glorious, firm, spankalicious orbs. Don’t you just want to touch them? Knead them, slap the until they turn pink? You know, we, women love it too. Spanking is a big turn on. When your hands slap them, it makes the blood rush to the exact spot. Pain mixes with pleasure as the butt cheeks turn red, the pussy becomes wet and aching for the penetration. Oh yes, we do love it when you turn a bit rough and spank this naughty girl. In fact, we may even get naughty on purpose, to make you spank us and not to have to beg for it…

Imagine this ass has received the full impact of your punishing hands and is already reddish and tingling. The girl on your lap is squirming wanting more. Aren’t you itching to part these butt cheeks and enjoy the view of this wet, slippery crack now? It’s waiting for you, for your touch. Use your fingers and tongue on it, make her moan and beg for your dick.

Only when she’s more than ready, at her limits where each touch, each lick makes her shudder in pleasure, you can fuck her roughly. In the pussy or in the ass. As you both prefer.

Regrettably, our female protagonists weren’t naughty enough to deserve such a treatment in the first installment of Hekate’s Passage. I must say, I only regret it, as even thinking of spanking makes me horny. But nothing’s lost. There are more installments to come and Yasmin with her friends will have more opportunities to unleash their naughtiness on Julian Twist members and earn some of these delightful slaps.



Inspiring erotic toys

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While there’s nothing better than a real man in bed, he can sometimes get ‘tired’ and need to regenerate when a girl is still horny. Thus sex toys are a great help, of course as long as batteries last… We can also use them to our full satisfaction when no man is around.

My recent Facebook and Internet research for pics and ideas lead me to this inspiring gadget.

bunny plug

Imagine how naughty you could be, having this little bunny tail sticking out of your butt. You could add bunny ears on your head with it, then you just bite the pillow and stick your bum up for him and let him enjoy the view. He could spank you and feeling the toy inside your anus while his hands handle your ass cheeks is really divine. It’s also a chance to try a sandwich…

Yes, especially for those who are too possessive (and selfish, yes, gentlemen, I’m talking about you) 聽to let the third person inside their bed, sex toys like this are a great possibility to try out something new. Double penetration with a dick and a toy is exactly one of these exciting novelties that could be explored.

Just to let you enjoy the whole picture.

bunny plug

Cover you in oil

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Doesn’t this video awaken your imagination? Doesn’t it make you picture some more naughty, stirring images. It just takes a bottle of cooking oil or baby oil and a willing partner…

Pour it out on her butt cheeks and spread it with your hands massaging her skin, sliding your fingers into the crack and feel how slick and smooth it gets to touch. Listen how she moans in pleasure and rocks your hips back at you. Watch how her skin glistens with the oily film on it and how her own moisture joins the one that you just rubbed on her…


Get down to work then.

Using oil is a really good way to get her lubricated and horny as hell. Just like聽our female protagonists聽do when they get similar treatment from Tony, Jim and Ted. Just remember, oil destroys latex so you two must trust each other to the point you’re able to go without condoms.

oily bum