Fetishes and sex



What is a fetish? Is having a fetish for something normal and what do you have a fetish for? The word itself comes from 15th century Portuguese  feitiço (“spell”). At those times for the Portuguese the fetishists were those who worshiped the unusual, meaning all the natives from West Africa who revered all types of talismans like totems, carvings or beads.

Obviously with the passage of time the word has changed its meaning and now a sexual fetish refers to something that is supposed to cause erotic arousal. Having a fetish may be considered a mental disorder, especially if it has detrimental effects on a person’s life but come on… Which of you, gentlemen, who read this blog don’t like women’s legs dressed in stockings and/or a suspender belt? If we call it a mental disorder then the whole male population has a  big problem.

What can be fetish? As we all are different it can be virtually everything. Heterosexual women may find anything from hair or lack of it, muscle tone, eyes, voice, shape of hands to male body smell stimulating for their senses and imagination. We, the authors of this blog, have already admitted to being fascinated with nimble fingers of guitarists… And if they, apart from that have a captivating smile… We’re theirs…

Animate fetishes, the ones that are our body parts are common for both sexes. However, media (rubber, leather, latex and silk) and form (stilletto heels, knee high boots, sexy lingerie) fetishes are also quite popular.

And what about you guys? What are your fetishes?