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Have you ever wondered why erotica and porn have become so popular recently? Titles like 50 Shades of Grey sold in an astonishing amount of copies (Goddess, give us even 1/1000 of this success), and this particular book is not even the top kink as I’ve been told. There are tons that are more perverse, exploring various taboos like incest, sodomy, just to name a few.
The answer is – it’s the internet and the invention of an ebook, Kindle of whatever other format of it.
Imagine back, what it was like 15-20 years ago. You wanted to read some smut but… Well, there was this little  problem of buying it in a brick and mortar shop. If the shop employee was male and you were a woman, he could think you’re an easy catch if you wanted to buy and read porn. And even if you happened to buy from some catalog and have the books mailed to you, there was still a problem of reading. You could only indulge in the sexy contents in the privacy of your home. No reading on a bus or train while commuting. The book cover would give you away and you probably didn’t want to see scorn or disgust in the eyes of fellow passengers. Now, with your Kindle, or any other ebook reader, you’re safe. You can read whatever you want and wherever you want.
This is why the sale of erotica is booming.

But… There’s just one little problem. Amazon is not making it easy for us, erotica writers. You won’t find erotica books if you search ‘All departments’ in Amazon. You have to specify, books or Kindle store. It’s the case with our title as well. Smashwords, generally a more friendly towards indies such as us, also makes it difficult to find erotica. Actually, you won’t find it, if you go to the page and type any title of an erotic book. If you do, it will say: “The adult filter is active; content marked as adults-only by the author is not listed.”  Well, unless you have a direct link to it.

So even though they earn a ton of money on sex, erotica and simple porn, they still try make this access hard. Of course, everything to protect the underage and those prudish enough who don’t want to see and don’t even want to acknowledge it’s there.

You get similar approach on Tumblr recently – all adult blogs have been excluded from the search engines there, as you can imagine the users are protesting fiercely, as now you can only find these blogs if you have a direct link. Facebook is also making our lives hard – everyday I wake up dreading to log in and have a look. Is our book’s fan page still there or has it already been deleted, like many other erotica and bdsm related ones.

Looks like somebody really doesn’t like sex and also has false preconceptions as far as bdsm is concerned.

Where will this all lead and how will this situation evolve? Nobody can say, but I hope all those Facebook and Tumblr SEOs will come back to their senses and let adults have their safe, sane and consensual fun.

Having written the above I want to remind you that our book, Hekate’s Passage is available all the time from Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo and Barnes and Noble. Check it out.


Birthday gift for Eleyne


“Hekate’s Passage, a story of sex and rock’n’roll” has been out for already 3 months (almost), but it’s just a part one. The first step of the sexual journey through time that will keep on expanding the girls’ erotic horizons. If you read the first part, you may say, the kink is very mild, but hold on, let me repeat – it’s just the first leg of this trip. Moreover we couldn’t cram everything into one book that covers just 3 days and nights with our heroes, even if we described these days in almost 76k words. More will come. Gradually.

The other thing is that we write about a real band. We don’t want to make them too uncomfortable with our fantasies. The only discomfort we gladly intend for them is the tightness of their pants in the certain region. You know which one. This is more than welcome. And if we had the knowledge that we did actually manage to cause them hard ons, it would be greatly rewarding for us. Oh, to know that our dirty fantasies make them horny, the same way and to the same way as spinning these scenarios in our heads excites us…

Now, whenever we have some time (between our regular jobs, promoting the book already out, our FB fan page, this blog and also translating the book into Spanish) we continue writing and we’re close to a particular date. Eleyne is going to have her birthday, and to her delight she’ll be able to celebrate it with Julian Twist. The question is – what should her lovers give her? I just can’t decide… You see, Eleyne is a naughty,  slightly kinky girl that may submit if it suits her purposes. And if coaxed properly. Tony has this power over her. He and the rest of Julian Twist are debating. Should it be: a new pair of stylish cuffs, nipple clamps or a butt plug?  Or should they just tie some ribbons on their cocks and deliver the g… sorry, the presents in nature?

best present

Hekate’s Passage is on Amazon and Smashwords

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Hello, everybody.

As Amazon now seems to be almost a Google equivalent for search for books I’m happy to announce that we got listed there as well. However, there’s a teensy weensy little snag. The pricing. All US based Kindle/Amazon customers will see a base price of $2,99 , those who live outside the US can expect various prices, starting from $3,08 (UK) to $6,14 (some parts of European Union).  I don’t know why these discrepancies exist, I have written to Amazon asking about these policies but I haven’t received a reply yet. o

One person told me that she also had chatted to an Amazon consultant to figure this out, because she had also been tired of paying more for books than everybody else. It seems that the consultant didn’t really solve her problem so she decided to ‘fix’ it herself – she changed her Kindle’s country to the US and her billing address for Kindle purchases to a US address as well.

I know this may not be the solution to everybody, but fortunately for all of us Smashwords sells Kindle as well. And from what I know, there you always pay the price that an author/publisher set.

Just to remind you the Smashwords link:

And once again, the one from Amazon:

Fragments of Chapter 1 (3), Hekate’s Passage, part 1, vol. 1

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Yasmin’s Story:

It looks like the time to start the research has begun. I definitely feel something strange here, something that needs to be investigated. So even though my body is stirring, making me want to join my girlfriends in their sensual strutting around the fire, I try to overcome it and rule my body. A short meditation, a few long breaths and I succeed in keeping my mind clear. Then I just leave them possessed by whatever is coming  over us here. I walk to the car and search for the instruments. I pick a Geiger counter, some multi-field meters and my laptop, which are all connected to the multi-field detectors. I try to turn them on, but to my surprise the laptop battery is dead as well as the multi-field meters.. I sigh in disgust, and try to turn an mp3 and camcorder that I have brought along. The result is the same… all are dead. Though I still hear the music playing, coming from the circle, so Melisa’s Ipod must be still working. We are in the right place at the right time, I think, getting out of the car to walk to place where I was before with the gals; but there is nobody there and sudden silence surrounds me. I remember I have a multi-radiation finder to detect microwaves, which will indicate any strange presence. I turn it on and it works!

But my friends have vanished, along with the remains of dinner, the fire, the litter. At the same momenta thick fog is creeping near, coming from the stones.  My blood feels like it is freezing in my veins, and the multi-radiation finder is beeping aloud. The fog gets me inside its grasp and the instrument almost screams as it beeps. Then I become dizzy and blinded; I try to hold onto something but there is nothing but weeds. My knees fail and I fall on the cold ground, completely confused. I close my eyes for a moment. At least I think it’s for a moment, it could have been much longer. When I open them again I see a road under the setting sun, and a car that is coming near. The car is an old-style car. I don´t know much about cars, but definitely this one doesn’t look  new. I only have an impression that it may have been manufactured in the ‘80s. I don´t know what to think, I feel too insecure to make any conjectures.

The car approaches me, slows down and stops. The window opens and I see Colin Crawford, just the way he was looking in the middle ‘80s.  He has short blond hair and a few loop earrings in his left ear. His oval face has a softer expression under the sun of this clueless time than I thought, but his features are strong and neat. His brown eyes are filled with amazement with the sight of me standing there confused. He is taller than I thought, slender and elegant. His look fits the rocker fashion in those years: a mixture of glam and leather that features his sex appeal. I’m just staring at him, looking at his face and body, sliding my eyes over his chest covered with a soft, pale shirt and then down to his legs in jeans, as if he were a wonderful apparition.  My jaw must be dropping down at the moment. I feel as if somebody has just hit me on my head. Him? Here? How? Why? Before I can say anything, staring at him  as if hypnotized, he looks concerned and asks me:

“Is everything alright? You look lost…”

I nod and answer. “I was camping with my girlfriends at Hekate’s Passage, you know this circle of stones?”

He says he does.

“We wanted to do some research for my Institute, but they started dancing naked around the fire to your music, saying they felt some strange energy in the place. I could feel it, too, but I wanted to investigate it and bring my instruments to do it. They were not working, though, and when I came back to the circle there was a strange fog there and everything, my friends, the fire were gone…”

I try to explain but apparently what I’m saying is vague and imprecise, or perhaps incredible as Colin face shows a stunned look, though he’s still trying to be nice and polite with me. Does he believe me?  What he has heard may be incredible, indeed.

The back windows of the car open and I see Jim, looking… smoking hot. And also with middle ‘80s look – with a long mane of blond curly hair. He exclaims. “My ears don’t deceive me? Did I really hear that that your girlfriends were dancing naked to our music and now you can’t find them? Sure we’ll help you look for them,” he starts joking. “We’re always ready to help naked women…”

The expression of his eyes suddenly makes me aware of my own looks. I’m wearing just denim shorts and a t-shirt, nothing really fancy or glamorous, but now I’m starting to regret it. I’d like one of these clinging sexy tops that hug your body that Eleyne says she always wears. I’d like to see admiration in his and Colin’s eyes (or knowing Colin’s preferences, I wish it were admiration, not curiosity).


Meet masters of sex or sex gods

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You already know, guys, what our female protagonists look like and hopefully their sex appeal inspires your imagination sufficiently. Now it’s time for a treat for the ladies who read this blog and are curious about these rockers that that are capable of bringing our heroines up in the arcane of sex while they only weep in ecstasy and ask for more.

Meet the Julian Twist. Sexier then hell, you couldn’t get them hotter if you set them on fire.

Enter Colin, the band’s front man. The tallest of the band, Colin is Yasmin’s crush. He’s a well built man with brown eyes, short blond hair and a few loop earrings in his ears. The hottest dream of Yasmin is to have certain intimacy with her crush when he’s clothed in sexy leather garments that accentuate his crotch really nicely. Oh my, she would really love to find out what he has for her inside those leather pants.

Eleyne has her eye on Tony, one of the twin axes of Julian Twist. She can’t stop fantasizing about this slender man with shoulder length messy brown hair with only a few highlights on the front.  Roguish seductiveness in his brown eyes combined with his hypnotizing  smile make her knees weak and pussy wet. However Eleyne’s a naughty girl with perverse appetite that just needs a right trigger to wake up, she just can’t  wait to put her dirty paws on Jim, the other axeman of the band.

Too bad for her, Melisa is on the possessive side and is not the one to share her crush, Jim, the sex symbol of the band, a slim man with long mane of blond curly hair and blue eyes. Mrrr, these blue eyes of his. You could drown in them. He also sports a naughty reputation of being a guy who can’t keep his pants up for 24 hours and shagging anything that moves and has a pussy.

Ted, the only man with a beard and a moustache in the band is Babette’s sweetheart. A not really tall guy, but Babette doesn’t mind, she’s not the tallest herself, anyway, height doesn’t really matter in bed, does it? Ted has long dark hair, as heavy metal fashion of the 80s dictated, dresses in denim and leather just like his band mates and has the softest brown eyes Babette has ever seen.

How does it sound to you, ladies? I know many women that wouldn’t say no to them if they suddenly appeared in their bedrooms. It certainly wouldn’t really matter for them that all these guys are not in their 30s anymore. They would lock the doors, throw away the keys and not let them out of bed… The only little snag is… most of them are in relationships…. And you know what men can be like, I don’t think they would approve of them taking a rocker lover.

Soooo… Are our recommendations enough to fuel your sexual fantasies and make you have wet erotic dreams later on at night?

Secrets of erotica: our heroines vs typical porn stars

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There’s been a study recently, the study conducted by Jon Millward and published on his website. He chose to examine the profiles of thousands of porn stars on the Internet Adult Film Database and the result may be quite surprising. You probably expect that an average star of adult movies is a blonde with large tits – a woman that a stereotypical male sexual fantasy may picture in such a context. Wrong. A typical girl from blue movies has brown hair and a B-cup (though this would be probably much different if all those girls knew their correct bra size).  Apart from that she’s a 5-foot-5, 117 pound Caucasian woman.

How do these findings relate to our erotic book heroines? Are Yasmin, Eleyne, Melisa and Babette taller or shorter than the average porn star? What about their boobs and weight? As well as hair… Do our rockers get a good deal by meeting them? Would you get sexually inspired if you met them?

Meet our female protagonists then.

Yasmin, the mind of the international  paranormal ‘research team’ is a small 5-foot-5, green eyed, brown haired Argentinean girl. She has a slim but curvy, hourglass figure and 32FF boobs, childlike face and a really dirty mind capable of conceiving the hottest erotic ideas and fantasies. Thanks to her feminine charms and wiles she seduces the rocker that seems unreachable for any woman, perhaps she’s also a witch granted with the special graces of the goddess Hekate…

Eleyne, a Polish girl who lives in Italy, the other main narrator of Hekate’s Passage, is 5 inches taller than Yasmin but her eyes are the same color. She’s actually the tallest of all the girls  and has the fairest hair, of honey color. She also can’t complain about her womanly attributes wearing a bra size 32GG or 34G and sporting a nice round butt and narrow waist. Her sexual appetite and hot attitude captivate her crush very effectively sending him to the moon and back.

Melisa, the youngest in the ‘team’ is a petite American brunette with brown eyes. Visual approximation makes us believe she should wear a whereabouts of a 30FF-G, unfortunately for her the U.S. is not really famous for its bra-fitting services. In the novel she wears nipple covers (as that piece of garment can’t be called a bra) from one of the very popular American brands in a 32D. She also seems to be the most prude of the girls, she’s capable of crossing sexual inhibitions but only with her crush.

Babette is a 5-foot 4 naughty French girl who defies stereotypes that usually refer to women from this nation. You know what I mean, guys. French girls are said to be small boobed… Luckily for our rockers, Babette has an Italian lineage, which makes her boobs a tantalizing 32F. If you add hair long chestnut hair and blue eyes to the deal, you won’t resist her. And obviously, as all the the other girls, she’s a curvy one, with a figure resembling a shapely hourglass.

You could still ask how old they are…  But it doesn’t mean you will get an answer. Haven’t they taught you that you don’t make questions about a woman’s age?

What do you think, guys? Does it sound good to you? Would our heroines inspire your sexual dreams and fantasies?  Would you screw them stupid and enhance your erotic life just like the rockers do?

Fragments of Chapter 1 (2), Hekate’s Passage, Part 1, Volume 1

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This is the continuation of the scene from this post.

“For me it’s the same, gals. Tony’s been and still is an extraordinarily hot guy. I would do him anytime…” I muse wantonly seeing him with the eyes of my imagination, seeing how he has been changing during all those years of his heavy-metal career. What has stayed the same is his captivating smile, and his brown eyes. As well as his figure. He’s always been very slim but not too tall. What kept on changing was his hairstyle, from shoulder length unruly dark hair, through long feathered and highlighted hair to the style he has now. Blond hair, reaching slightly below his shoulder and seemingly always messy… Well, and sure he has gained some wrinkles, but he only looks hotter with them.

Then I remember something and I share it with Yasmin and Melisa.

“Gals, have you heard of Belmondo?”

“Belmondo, Belmondo…” Melisa muses, “I think I heard his name… I just don’t remember where…”

Well, she’s American, so I’m not really too surprised she’s not too savvy about European culture. But Yasmin also seems to be raking her mind, and she finally says.

“I think I once saw a movie with him. Isn’t he an actor?”

“Yes, he’s a French actor,” I confirm and Melisa sighs.

“Now I know why this name has been nagging me, I’ve read about him… I didn’t see any movies with him though, ”  she adds as an afterthought.

“So, what about him?”

“Well, I read some gossip columns about him and it seems that even though he’s 78 now he still has a very young girlfriend. The girl is 35, mind you… So she’s more than twice younger than him…”

The gals whistle and Yasmin laughs. “Well, I wonder. Is he still …?” Here she hesitates, apparently not being able to phrase it delicately. I help her formulate her thought in a much cruder way.

“You wanted to ask if he can still get it up…? Well, if she’s not with him for the money and prestige then I suppose he has to. Women of this age start to have some needs that have to be taken care of. And they only start to grow then…”

They burst out laughing and I join them. When Yasmin manages to stop her giggles she utters. “Well, even if he can’t get it up I suppose that being French he has to know how to use his fingers and tongue… And has some experience to back him up…”

This bring more peals of laughter from us, when our wicked giggles subside I add. “You know, I used to laugh at all these jokes about ‘old lechers’ and young women, but now I just can’t… Not with Tony…”

“I can understand what you mean.” Yasmin sighs, “You want Tony too much to laugh at such silly jokes…”

“Exactly.” I nod my head, “I get completely wet just thinking what he could do with me… Damned, if he suddenly showed up here I’d do him even on these stones.”

“I imagine this could be a bit uncomfortable. The stones are cold and hard, but I understand it too well. If miracles happened and Jim turned up here as well, I wouldn’t hesitate a moment…” Melisa sighs.

We keep silent for a moment thinking about our respective crushes, then Yasmin suggests. “I can ask Babette about Belmondo, she’s French, so she must know about French actors. Let me text her.”

And she takes out her mobile phone to type a message to Babette. After a few minutes she receives a reply. “Babette confirms your gossip. She says her mum loves the actor and knows everything about him. She also says she has stuffed herself with painkillers and other medicines and she may join us when she feels better… and if she doesn’t feel so groggy…”

“Sure, the wine is certainly waiting for her,” I smile, “though I think we have already eaten most of the food.”

“She said she has ordered a pizza. And I’m not really sure if she should drink wine after all the medicines she took,” Yasmin answers then thinks for a moment. “Gals, but even putting thoughts about their ages aside, I still can only dream about putting my hands on Colin. He’s really inaccessible to me and to any other woman as well…”

She turns sad. And it’s true what she said… It looks like no matter how many women pine after him, none of them will ever get him.

We finish our meal in pensive silence; if I can guess well, Yasmin is thinking about Colin, and Melisa must be fantasizing about Jim, judging from her absent-minded expression. My mind keeps on spinning around hot scenarios centering on Tony, too.

With the food all finished, we continue with one more bottle of wine, and I decide to turn on some music – bring out the Ipod and start playing Julian Twist. We decide we want Protectors of the Belief… The music’s playing, our bodies are starting to sway, we are sipping our wine, and my thoughts are getting hotter and hotter. I can hear the music pulsing and throbbing through my body, and this burning feeling stirs in my lower abdomen; I can’t and don’t want to sit any more. I get up and start dancing. I can feel some strange power in me, growing, wanting more. As I dance I start to strip and the gals are staring at me. I ask them.

“Don’t you feel it? This place makes me feel so feminine and powerful; it’s filling me up with energy.”

They look at me in a strange way, but I can see they can feel the same strange emotion, too. Melisa joins me in the dance and she strips while dancing, too. Now each of us celebrates one anothers’ femininity, all swaying to the beat of seductive, sensual Julian Twist music that we all love so much.  It almost feels as if we were calling them with our minds and bodies to join us in this crazy dance…