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I remember watching Barbarella when I was a kid so I wasn’t really able to get all the sexual innuendos and hints at that time, I think I have to repeat the viewing session…

Anyway, this scene with young Jane Fonda melting in this ecstasy machine is very inspiring… It makes me think of our book heroes, about their sexual prowess and ingeniousness… They can make Eleyne, Yasmin, Melisa and Babette swoon and fly away in pleasure like this, can even make them faint from excess of pleasurable stimuli… But while we, women, can faint while climaxing,  dying from pleasure is just a fiction, correct me if I’m wrong. For a man though… Well, as the saying goes, nature gave you a brain and a penis, but only enough blood to sustain one of them… Really prolonged erection without a release, like the one that can be achieved by using rings on your penis, rings that don’t let the blood flow away, can put your life at risk.