Do you know everything about your penis?

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Penis, dick, cock, willy, twig (&berries), ding dong, beef hammer, sausage, meat sword, man’s best (or worst friend). This organ has multiple names from neutral through funny to vulgar ones. This list of synonyms to refer to your manhood is really extensive. Over 150 terms to refer to this natural hydraulic pump. Perhaps this multitude is the reflection of its importance in a man’s life.  Its length, girth, shape and capability to rise up means a lot to every man. Am I right? You may glance at other men’s organs while showering in a gym after a workout to compare your equipment with yours, but do you know everything about penis as such?
For example, in reality most penises are equal when they are in their shrunk, dangling state, so ogling other men who are showering and are not having erotic thoughts that would make their dicks rise up won’t tell you anything about their erected length. Statistics say that adult penises measure between 3 to 4 inches when flaccid,  apart from that there is no correlation between penis size and shoe size, hand size or nose size. Moreover, there’s no correlation between penis size/shape and wallet size.
Well, unless we look at cars … Well, perhaps this old joke about compensation is true…
Don’t blame your parents for the genetic load you got, cause it doesn’t determine how big your dick can get either. Penises are actually formed in uterus when those wild and crazy male hormones kick-in. There’s no one to point the finger (or any other appendage) at but Mother Nature.

So is there anything that can actually influence a dick size outside of these hormones in uterus? Well, there is one factor. It’s the low temperature. Your testicles hate cold water and cold weather, they need to stay relatively warm to produce sperm and testosterone which as you know is your sex drive hormone. So after a dip in a really cold water you may find your nuts and dick really reduced to the size of peanuts and acorn. For sure then you wouldn’t need this extra large condom… Which according to condom manufactures are bought only by 6% of the costumers. Does it mean the other 94% lie?
Certainly, those less generously endowed in these lower regions can get some consolation with the fact that in comparison with other species their dicks are still quite large. Chimps only have half the size of an average male human. Just don’t compare your equipment with this of the horse, the bull or the blue whale, whose penis is 11 feet long.

Well, apart from the above is there anything that can affect a man’s performance in bed?
For sure you know some of the culprits that make any decent hard on impossible. If you pour 4 pints of beer into your stomach, your dick will be FPO (for peeing only).
The same refers to other types of alcohol, too much of it is bad for the erection. You can have two, perhaps 3 glasses of wine (how good, for us, women, that alcohol doesn’t impede our nether regions, we can still fuck even after a bigger amount) but if you down a bottle, you’d better get a strap on otherwise your partner will have the right to sulk. The other common erection killers are drugs. Have you ever got a decent fuck from a drug addict, ladies? Though, here I might add that I’ve heard some (unconfirmed) gossip that cocaine can actually get you going for a long time. It’s supposed to prevent you from coming.
Some regular, doctor prescribed medications can also make you stay flaccid. The same applies to some medical conditions. If you have problems getting a hard on, you should get your ticker checked. ED can be one of the first signs of heart disease. Other chronic diseases like diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure) have also been linked to the same symptom.
One more reason for worse performance in bed and for generally lower libido level are cigarettes. Smoking isn’t just bad for your lungs and looks. It affects the production of sperm and testosterone (which is responsible for your sex drive). Men who smoke may need less sex, cause smoking simply lowers their sex drive, they have sperm of worse quality (which counts, if you want to have kids) and I don’t even mention that it influences the taste of the cum. Smokers sperm tastes disgusting and even consuming sweet fruit like pineapple doesn’t help. Guys, if you want her to swallow, stop smoking.

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