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If you’re reading this then I suppose you’re not one of these prudes who believe masturbation is evil. On the contrary, you regularly enjoy the pleasures your own hand can bring. And it’s not only pleasure that is a result of a good fingering or jerking off.

It also has some other benefits. For women, masturbation helps relieve cramps or pain; men can help maintain their prostate in good condition and also combat erectile dysfunction. Both sexes can practice to achieve better orgasms and know better their reactions. The plus for men is that they can also build up some sexual stamina… You remember the article about multiple orgasms for men, guys? You practice exactly in this way.

For men and women both, masturbating increases energy levels. Your immune systems get a boost and another orgasm lowers your blood pressure, relieves stress and makes you sleep better.

What are you waiting for then?

Sexual advantages of being a woman


Can you think of any?

Well… The first thing that comes to mind are much more ways of experiencing orgasms, the other one that pops out is – multiple orgasms (unless you, gentlemen, learn that technique I mentioned a few posts back). What else?

Hmmm… For sure it’s an advantage that no one around knows that we may be having dirty thoughts and how aroused we are. Our pussies can be leaking and yearning for a penetration but you’ll be none the wiser. There are no very visible telltale signs of of our sexual excitement apart perhaps from our pupils being more dilated, our cheeks being rosier and more rugged breath. There’s no visible tenting up on the under waist, as it happens in your case, gentlemen.  We could almost masturbate in public and you wouldn’t know it. All it takes is putting our bag on our knees if we sit somewhere, slid our hand underneath our pants or skirts and then just start investigating the contents of our panties.  We can finger our clits in silence, after all, we’re vocal only for you in bed. When we do solo sex we don’t really need “ohs’ and ‘ahs’, all these pleasure moans to tell you how sexually skilled and efficient you are.

tumblr_l9gfdqiYAO1qbbfmvo1_500Any other ideas, ladies and gentlemen?

I can’t get no satisfaction…

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I’ve found an interesting article recently describing the results of a survey done in Japan by a Japan Family Planning Association. And I must say the results were hardly surprising for me. So, the results say that 71.3 percent of the women indicated that they had masturbated in the past year. Well, this is hardly surprising, after all times are changing and masturbation is not something shameful or taboo but a nice way of exploring and discovering one’s own sexuality. The next finding however, is almost a cherry on the pie:  the examiners concluded that the rates are directly proportional to a lack of satisfaction in a conventional intercourse. Among unmarried women, 67.1 percent said they fake orgasms. The figure was slightly less (64.2 percent) for married women. This is also hardly eye opening, after all if we are not fully satisfied after the shagging we have to get our pleasure somehow. Not having an orgasm can have severe consequences for our mood and well being, and if we feel pissed cause we didn’t climax and a man is too blind (or too lazy or too sexually uneducated) to notice that a woman needs some more action, the worse for him.

We might start to look for another solution in the long run… How about choosing some mature, sex-wise, experienced guys (thank you, Cialis) instead of peers who watched too much porn and think that a woman gets ready for sex in just a few seconds? Not the case, gentelmen, especially if a woman is quite young cause those about 40 have higher libido levels and may react faster.

One more solution for a sexually unsatisfied woman is finding a girlfriend. Another woman will be really quicker to find all the pleasure points on her partner’s body, she will start checking in the same places she finds highly erogenous herself. And she knows where they are… Well, sure, no kids will be born out of such a union, unless some scientists come out how to make parthenogenesis possible.

Hmmm, both these solution would leave a vast amount of young men single, and if a woman in her 40s were interested in having a young horny stud it would probably work, especially once she has ‘trained’ him 3:)

orgasm solution

Our naughty cave ancestors…

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Looking at the overwhelming presence of sex themes in the media all around us one may start to think that past generations had very little sex and if they did it was in the darkness and under covers and during the act they were wearing all those long nighties that make any person look completely asexual. Some of them did I suppose, but recent findings show that our ancestors took much more pleasure and fun in sex. Do you think that all the sex gadgets and porn are modern inventions? Not really. After all as long as people have penises and pussies they will want to keep them entertained.

The first sex gadget to be discovered point back as early as the Upper Paleolithic era, which was from 40,000 to 10,000 years ago. However not much research has been done on the subject of what our cave female ancestors were really doing when the men folk went hunting.  Another finding points to 5th century BCE, when the Greeks began producing something called an olisbos that was sold in the port of Miletus. Olisbos was a dildo sculpted in wood. I just hope they got it smooth enough, without splinters…sex_toy_olisbos

The same refers to first nude paintings, we can’t take the ‘responsibility’ for inventing them, neither past generations who lived in the last 2 thousand years as the first nude paintings come from 40,000 years ago. And while some scientists may argue that they depict some fertility rites, the paintings found in caves in Spain and elsewhere in Europe show sex not so much as a biological function but a kick ass way to spend an afternoon. More than that, some of these acts that are drawn there could only result in procreation if a woman’s mouth had a somewhat direct connection with her feminine equipment. Yeah, cavemen knew the pleasures of blow jobs.

Orgasm – how many types of climax do exist?


You probably remember this note that we published not that long ago. Since that time while browsing the net I have found some more interesting things about orgasm that I would like to share with you. So first of all, how many types of orgasm do exist? And secondly, can only women experience them?

Let’s start the list for women then:

– clitoral orgasm, those of us that like to play with our little pearls of pleasure know it very well. If our partner is skillful with his tongue, lips and fingers he (or she) can lead us to it as well;

– vaginal orgasm, and while we’re at it these three just have to be mentioned:

i. G point stimulation orgasm (you already know how to find it, guys?), the interesting thing is, another G point can be also found in the anus…;

ii. the A spot orgasm – can be achieved by stimulating the point that is more or less 4-5 inches deep on the anterior wall of vagina, the same wall as G point is situated. And again A point can be also found in the anus…;

iii. the Deep spot orgasm (the posterior fornix orgasm) – through stimulation of all the area way back in the deepest part of the back wall of the vagina, just before the cervix.;

– squirting orgasm – through stimulation of G point or the clitoris, unfortunately not many women can experience it as it really resembles the need to pee, so we have to be really comfortable with our partners to let ourselves get carried away in this way. In fact quite some women can still confuse squirting with peeing…;

– orgasm through stimulation of the breast – yep, possible for us… ;

– oral orgasm – through kissing (oooh, our Jim’s an expert at this) or giving head… lol… a man’s dream 😉 but lips and the inside of the mouth is a powerful erogenous zone;

– the skin orgasm – can happen during sensual massages;

– dream-gasm – after having some really erotic and sensual dreams;

– mental orgasm – yep, while fantasizing about somebody really inspiring… I think I can confess that writing about our male protagonist can bring us really close to this state… Just an orgasm from the pure excitement alone;

– and finally, megagasm, according to Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D., Artist and Ecosexual Sexecologist., it’s the volcano of all orgasms, or the tsunami of all orgasms. A megagasm is an intense full body experience, a deeply emotional experience, and for some a deeply spiritual experience. It generally lasts an extended lengthy of time, from thirty seconds to in some cases up to an hour or two. Several megagasms have been documented on video, although they are extremely rare. Not that many women are capable of letting go that deeply or handling that much pleasure and ecstasy and orgasmic energy. As the name implies it can be brought on by some mega sensations – heavy fucking, super strong vibrator on the clit, anal sex, bondage experience etc…Generally experiences way beyond ‘normal intercourse’… I wonder, do the fainting of our female protagonists in the book count as megagasm?

Well, how many of these can men have? Given the fact that the G spot and A spot can also be found in anus they should be able to experience this kind of sensation. As for the rest, you can watch an interesting talk I found.

Any progress with your anal fantasies?

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I assume you have read the article about anal fantasies that we posted a week ago. Well… So… How have you been going on? Has your ass been getting acquainted with the touch of your fingers and discovering how pleasant it is to touch all the skin next to your back door? Have you explored the tightness of your anus and found out how it feels when your fingers slide in there, caressing, petting, making you crave some more…? If the answer is yes, then you’re ready for the next step.

Why not let your partner do the same? Use some lubricant, shower gel, oil or any of Durex or KY lubricating gels and allow his (or her) fingers inside your asshole.  Enjoy the experience of fingers  together, apart from fingers you could also use some sex toys. There are ones especially designed for anal play – all kinds of vibrators or anal bead, graduated ones that you can choose ones that you feel comfortable with. And then, the next step if you feel like it, is discovering how it feels to be licked there. Oral skills and a wet tongue of your partner (we assume your partner know how to use his or her tongue) will let you live some unforgettable moments as the skin around your backdoor is a very sensitive erogenous zone. But you already know it, so why not have a taste of something more than just your fingers?

vintage nude



A friend of mine was once asked to become a Godmother for her cousin’s daughter. The girl didn’t think it was the best idea as she is (and was) more than against religion but she agreed. To cut a long story short, she was required to go through a confession beforehand. Imagine her surprise when she heard a question from behind the panel: “Do you masturbate?”

WTF, was her thought. Of course I do. How else am I supposed to know what pleases me the best? How else my boyfriend will know it? He’s not clairvoyant, you know… He does require some coaching from time to time…  The girl has been always on the cheeky side, so she just blurted all these thoughts out to the priest… Apart from that she added: “Do you want to listen about the details?”

Well, as a result she didn’t become a Godmother…

But anyway, a question arises: why some religions are so much against masturbation? They go as far as make you believe it is unhealthy (can cause blindness, acne, hair loss, chronic fatigue, hairy palms or cancer), immoral, sinful etc. Anything to prevent you from getting off pleasantly in the company of your own hand or finger and discovering how your body reacts to different kind of stimulation.

The truth is, masturbation is a healthy sexual behaviour, a natural part of human sexuality and nothing to be ashamed of.

why do you masturbate