Cliteracy, 100 Natural laws

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You may probably wonder what these pics are about and what the heck ‘Cliteracy, 100 Natural Laws’ is.
It’s a project, a project concerning women’s sexuality. Have you ever noticed how our bodies are used as a sexual object? All the photographs in magazines, online showing beautiful curvy bodies, boobs and booties… But they all miss a certain important point. Sure it’s nice to have one’s tits caressed and sucked and licked, the same applies to butts. I do love having mine kneaded and spanked, it makes me wet and horny, but does it make me come? No. I haven’t met such a man yet who could drive me to climax through stimulation of these two body parts, I know there are a lot of women like me, though sure there are those whose sensitivity is so developed that they have much more sources of orgasms. The same refers to our vaginas. How many women come through penetration only? Even though there are several spots inside our love-tunnels that can provide us with orgasms if they are properly stimulated…

Well, Cliteracy draws attention to our clitoris, the only organ in our bodies that is solely and entirely dedicated to our pleasure. It doesn’t serve any other purpose. Yet, some women have never climaxed even through clitoral stimulation, though it’s the easiest thing possible. Just your finger and your wet, swollen pearl of pleasure. And speaking of pearls, it’s not just this tiny button of flesh on the outside, clitoris is a much bigger organ that is bigger than a man’s dick in a dangling state. Part of it can be accessed via the famous G-point. BTW, have you already learned how to find it, gents? I’m not asking you ladies, you probably know… And if you know where your own G-point is, then it’s a child’s play to find it in another woman.

The author and creator of Cliteracy is an artist, Sophia Wallis. As she says on her Tumblr site:”CLITERACY, 100 Natural Laws is mixed media project that explores a paradox; the global obsession with sexualizing female bodies in a world that is illiterate when it comes to female sexuality. CLITERACY is a new way of talking about citizenship, sexuality, human rights, and bodies. The project reveals the – phallic as neutral – bias in science, law, philosophy, politics, mainstream and even feminist discussion, and the art world – which is so saturated with the female body as subject.”

What I find personally very interesting in this project, apart from the fact that it spreads knowledge of female sexuality, is a piece of information that there is actually a method of treating all those poor women who got circumcised. This hideous, barbaric procedure is still practiced in quite some African societies, more, young girls who live in Europe or America on a regular basis, tend to be sent back there just to have this horrible mutilation performed on them. Grrrr, even thinking of somebody putting a knife to a woman’s pussy to cut off the organ that has been created to bring her pleasure, and thus reducing her to an object who has no right to any sexual satisfaction makes me pissed off. So I won’t mention what I’d do to these butchers that are still stubborn enough to do it. But it would be brutal.
So, there is one surgeon in the world that can operate mutilated pussies and bring them back to what they should be and this for sure is uplifting, though one might complain, why one only…

Hot chocolate… Hot wax…

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Speaking of using temperature changes to excite your partner sexually, heat cannot stay unmentioned. I can imagine hundreds of scenarios when various hot, melted food products like chocolate or caramel get licked of the skin of your lover. And leaving hot food aside, hot wax is also exciting. I remember sticking my fingers into melted candles just to enjoy the feel of wax on my skin even though those situations I did it in were highly unerotic. So I can easily imagine how powerful impact it can have while used for sexual purposes even though I’ve never tried it myself yet.

However, with both of the above certain precautions are necessary. After all we want to have fun and not end up at emergency with a burned partner. So checking if the temperature is not too high is really crucial (about 50 degrees Centigrade).  Cheap soft white candles tend to be the lowest melt temperature wax, because of the lack of additives, so buying fancy ones may not be the best idea. Personally I’d be also careful about dripping hot wax directly on the delicate skin on women’s clits or assholes.  Perhaps warm chocolate which you could later lick off would be much better.

One more thing – hair. Sure a lot of women use hot wax to depilate, they even pay for it,  it’s still not the most pleasant sensation. We just suffer for beauty. So if your idea is to cause pleasure rather than pain make sure you have some baby oil to remove it easily.

And speaking of hot wax and candles – as you melt wax with fire, have something handy that you can use to extinguish the flames if the situation gets out of control. You don’t want to burn your house, do you?  Getting rid of pets, especially cats, from the bedroom wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Felines are nosy and a burning candle can be just too much of a temptation for a kitty to resist.

And don’t forget to put off the flame once you’re finished playing with hot wax and want to start fucking.


Threesomes… Triangles… Ménage à trois …. (1)

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Some statistics claim that for about 1/3 of men a ffm threesome is their number one erotic fantasy while only one in ten women admit to dreaming about more than one man in bed with them. Are you a person that couldn’t possibly share your partner in such circumstances?  Or you think you belong to the groups mentioned in the stats. If yes, welcome. Threesomes are a nice way of adding spice to your sex life providing that  the relationship in question won’t suffer from inviting another man or a woman to join your bedplay. If that condition is met and you’re both open minded enough to enjoy it then why not reap out the advantages of a ménage à trois?

For a man the pluses and pleasures of such sex are obvious. Two women in bed with him is pure fun, more boobs to touch, two fannies and asses to screw, two pairs of mouths to take care of him… A man can feel like a king when he’s appreciated enough. Apart from that he can enjoy watching how the two women who are with him also interact with one another.  However if his sexual stamina is less than good it would be better if he prepared  some sex toys that the two ladies may enjoy when he is no longer able to satisfy them… If you’re a woman, seeing your man with another one can  satisfy a voyerism fantasy, then you can also interact with the other woman – as they say, bisexualism doubles your chances of a date. Not to mention the fact that another woman will sooner find that damned G-spot that your regular partner cannot locate and the other fact that her facial skin doesn’t resemble a sand paper 😉

I won’t even mention that this arrangement also gives the three of you opportunities of acting out various less or more kinky scenarios.

Do I have to say that our female protagonists in the book sure discover the joys of a well executed ffm threesome…

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Things you might not have known about orgasm…

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While writing our erotic book and glorifying sexual skills of our male protagonist we came with the notion that it would be really nice if they got our heroines to such a level of excitement that they simply pass out during orgasm… Hmm, sounds like a literary creation, no such thing exists in real life… Does it?

But actually it does, I have found the information on a certain erotic forum (won’t mention the name here, sorry) where one of the users mentioned it. She experienced the type of climax with her boyfriend and said that the sensation would have been really fantastic if she almost hadn’t ended up at Emergency Unit with a fractured head. Luckily for her, her boyfriend managed to catch her before she harmed herself.

Well, in our fantasy book our sex geniuses don’t have to prevent the heroines from falling off the bed, for various reasons… It’s not the bed only that gets utilized for sex, if you’re already on the carpet you can’t really fall down, can you? Another thing is that our heroines climax in various positions, also when they are not the top, dominating side. But I admit, things there are idealized and perfect,  after all this is what a fantasy is about. To make things bigger than life and to exaggerate to your heart’s delight… Especially about sex…

What are the other things about orgasm that you haven’t heard about yet? Orgasm during sleep? Mmmm… an old story… How many times did you, gentelmen, dirty the bed sheets dreaming about your school crush when you were teenagers? However, you may not be aware that such dreams happen to women too. We just wake up with a hot pulsing sensation in our abdomens and some of us may just want more, especially if an available man is sleeping next to us in bed.

What else?

Well, just check out the video below with a lecture about few curios about climax from Mary Roach, a well known American author specializing in popular science.