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What is a fetish? Is having a fetish for something normal and what do you have a fetish for? The word itself comes from 15th century Portuguese  feitiço (“spell”). At those times for the Portuguese the fetishists were those who worshiped the unusual, meaning all the natives from West Africa who revered all types of talismans like totems, carvings or beads.

Obviously with the passage of time the word has changed its meaning and now a sexual fetish refers to something that is supposed to cause erotic arousal. Having a fetish may be considered a mental disorder, especially if it has detrimental effects on a person’s life but come on… Which of you, gentlemen, who read this blog don’t like women’s legs dressed in stockings and/or a suspender belt? If we call it a mental disorder then the whole male population has a  big problem.

What can be fetish? As we all are different it can be virtually everything. Heterosexual women may find anything from hair or lack of it, muscle tone, eyes, voice, shape of hands to male body smell stimulating for their senses and imagination. We, the authors of this blog, have already admitted to being fascinated with nimble fingers of guitarists… And if they, apart from that have a captivating smile… We’re theirs…

Animate fetishes, the ones that are our body parts are common for both sexes. However, media (rubber, leather, latex and silk) and form (stilletto heels, knee high boots, sexy lingerie) fetishes are also quite popular.

And what about you guys? What are your fetishes?

Threesomes… Triangles… Ménage à trois … (2)



I like reading threads and posts on various erotic fora and from there I gather that in most cases if a threesome is considered in  a relationship a man prefers to add one more woman to frolics in bed and  he is stubborn in refusing to allow another man. Don’t be so selfish, gentelmen. A woman also deserves some more fun in sex. Especially when she wants to take it all because she lusts for it, yearns for her feminine pleasure to be the centre of affections of two men. The feminine yin sucking everything in.

If you’re a lucky girl who experienced a MFM threesome then you sure discovered what was in it for you. To put it crudely, the more the merrier for you. You had two men’s attentions entirely on you and from what one lucky lady experienced and shared: a certain amount of rivalry between the two guys meant more pleasure for her.  She just loved being cherished and worshipped like this.

Another thing an MFM threesome gives is  a possibility of living out several erotic scenarios, normally unavailable to you like infidelity or exhibitionism. Not to mention the fact that having two men handy can mean you can try to fulfill one of the ultimate woman’s sexual fantasies – a double penetration.

What’s in it for you if you’re a man and you’re engaging in this kind of threesome. You gain experience… And such an experience also teaches you confidence… The woman who’s in bed with both of you wants you, wants you two. She doesn’t compare your equipment or skills she just wants to be vowed and cherished. She wants all your attention, and all your equipment available for her pleasure (yes, I mean fingers and tongues too).

Do I have to mention that our female protagonist also experience this kind of threesome in the book?

There are some very interesting articles about MFM threesomes here and here. Have a look.

The author of the photo: bobnery, devianart

Threesomes… Triangles… Ménage à trois …. (1)

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Some statistics claim that for about 1/3 of men a ffm threesome is their number one erotic fantasy while only one in ten women admit to dreaming about more than one man in bed with them. Are you a person that couldn’t possibly share your partner in such circumstances?  Or you think you belong to the groups mentioned in the stats. If yes, welcome. Threesomes are a nice way of adding spice to your sex life providing that  the relationship in question won’t suffer from inviting another man or a woman to join your bedplay. If that condition is met and you’re both open minded enough to enjoy it then why not reap out the advantages of a ménage à trois?

For a man the pluses and pleasures of such sex are obvious. Two women in bed with him is pure fun, more boobs to touch, two fannies and asses to screw, two pairs of mouths to take care of him… A man can feel like a king when he’s appreciated enough. Apart from that he can enjoy watching how the two women who are with him also interact with one another.  However if his sexual stamina is less than good it would be better if he prepared  some sex toys that the two ladies may enjoy when he is no longer able to satisfy them… If you’re a woman, seeing your man with another one can  satisfy a voyerism fantasy, then you can also interact with the other woman – as they say, bisexualism doubles your chances of a date. Not to mention the fact that another woman will sooner find that damned G-spot that your regular partner cannot locate and the other fact that her facial skin doesn’t resemble a sand paper 😉

I won’t even mention that this arrangement also gives the three of you opportunities of acting out various less or more kinky scenarios.

Do I have to say that our female protagonists in the book sure discover the joys of a well executed ffm threesome…

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Is Hekate’s Passage a sexually perverse book?

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Maxine Wells-Lingerie

What is a (sexual) perversion? Probably according to most religious conservative views it’s anything that strays from procreational purpose of two people having sex. So we could say that any sex purely for fun is a perversion (this of course is an overstatement). What about lesbian love or threesomes then? These sure wouldn’t gain the approval of strict religious adherents. Anal sex, bondage, double penetrations, gang bangs? God protect us from this sinful indecency! Apage, Satanas! Burn in hell!

So, from this point of view our book is definitely erotically perverse. You’ll find all these types of sex there. Our female protagonists discover they like making out with one another, sure to the visible delight of their gorgeous rockers who enjoy watching; threesomes, bondage, anal sex as well as double penetrations are ardently welcome by the girls. Things get even wilder than this… With the introduction of ‘special guests’ the girls discover the experience of gangbang…

So, yes. Hekate’s Passage is perverse and kinky and if you’re a strictly religious person (no matter which religion), then sure you shouldn’t pick it up for fear it will condemn your soul for an eternity in hell. But if you’re not afraid of sinning, which is after all very pleasant, you’re sure going to enjoy it as some of our readers already have.

However, if you’re a hard core pervert, that is deep into all kinds of philias, or a hard core BDSM connaisseur  then you may find our book kind of a ‘kindergarden perversion’. Just a mild kink, but nothing really earthshaking.