Hekate’s Passage, part 2, volume 1

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I have really good news for you. The second part of our book is being edited, actually the editing is almost over – if everything goes well the book should be out at the end of the next week.

This is also why we’ve been posting so infrequently – lot of work with editing, promoting. Some other things get in the way as well.

Meanwhile, to tickle your curiosity I have a viral for you. The new viral that promotes the second part of our naughty story.

Btw, have you already bought the first part?
Should I remind you where to get it? It has some very good reviews and we’re waiting for more…
https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/289818聽– these guys have a few formats to choose from.
And for those that prefer Amazon and Kindle – another link.

What are your favourite sex toys?

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First of all, sorry for not writing for almost a week, but I was away and even after coming back it was hard to catch up with things… I’ve only managed more or less now.

So, as the title of this note implies, what are your favourite erotic gadgets? Of course, apart from various restraints and immobilizing contraptions, you pervs 馃槈 I know you like them, in the book we’re fond of cuffs either, we also utilize leather restraints of various types, and naturally blindfolds. Being blindfolded and cuffed is…. mrrrr…. oh gods… so stimulating… Even thinking about it makes me all tingly and hot.

Our rockers can’t complain about their stamina, technique, length and girth and Yasmin, Eleyne and two other girls won’t even think of criticizing their heroes, but they do like using sex toys like dildos, vibrators and vibrating rings you put on your fingers. Gadgets for anal play, such as beads and various kinds of plugs are also often in use.聽I know that we probably exaggerate – in the ’80s, sex shops couldn’t possibly have been so well stocked as we describe it… 馃槈 We used all those online sex shops as sources of ‘inspiration’. But as everything we write about聽is a fantasy, we felt entitled to get a little carried away.

What are your preferences and likes in this field?


Our metal fascination

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If you watch the documentary above perhaps you’ll be able to understand why this music and the bands are such a turn on for us. A sufficient turn on to make us fantasize about band members in an erotic way, and to go as far as to write a book about them. But those guys were just gorgeous. Some of them still are, still possess more magnet in their persons, personalities and pants than some young inexperienced puppies. Sometimes I have an impression that current music, be it pop or whatever else, doesn’t inspire such devotion and frenzy among fans. Well, 聽not counting all those teenagers who are after Justin Bieber…

Anyway, the video doesn’t show the whole picture though, it’s limited to The Sunset Strip. But the metal didn’t only rule there, there were other places on earth where it flourished, the European metal rocked as well. All the British metal bands as well as quite a few German and Swedish ones were there as well and they kicked ass. Quite a lot of them still do. Our book, Hekete’s Passage is a tribute to them all.

Birthday gift for Eleyne


“Hekate’s Passage, a story of sex and rock’n’roll” has been out for already 3 months (almost), but it’s just a part one. The first step of the sexual journey through time that will keep on expanding the girls’ erotic horizons. If you read the first part, you may say, the kink is very mild, but hold on, let me repeat – it’s just the first leg of this trip. Moreover we couldn’t cram everything into one book that covers just 3 days and nights with our heroes, even if we described these days in almost 76k words. More will come. Gradually.

The other thing is that we write about a real band. We don’t want to make them too uncomfortable with our fantasies. The only discomfort we gladly intend for them is the tightness of their pants in the certain region. You know which one. This is more than welcome. And if we had the knowledge that we did actually manage to cause them hard ons, it would be greatly rewarding for us. Oh, to know that our dirty fantasies make them horny, the same way and to the same way as spinning these scenarios in our heads excites us…

Now, whenever we have some time (between our regular jobs, promoting the book already out, our FB fan page, this blog and also translating the book into Spanish) we continue writing and we’re close to a particular date. Eleyne is going to have her birthday, and to her delight she’ll be able to celebrate it with Julian Twist. The question is – what should her lovers give her? I just can’t decide… You see, Eleyne is a naughty, 聽slightly kinky girl that may submit if it suits her purposes. And if coaxed properly. Tony has this power over her. He and the rest of Julian Twist are debating. Should it be: a new pair of stylish cuffs, nipple clamps or a butt plug? 聽Or should they just tie some ribbons on their cocks and deliver the g… sorry, the presents in nature?

best present

Sexual imagination

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Some people say that sex starts in the head, and it’s all so true. Nothing in this book could happen without members of Julian Twist crawling into minds of the two authors and making their imagination run wild. The whole book wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t managed this sexiest thing possible to do to a woman, without even seeing or talking to her. It’s them who 聽made us write this book.

Sexual imagination is stronger than reality. In Hekate’s Passage, Yasmin, Eleyne, Melisa and Babette get the pounding of their lives. Never before have they been subjected to such an amount of wild sex. The point is, in reality they wouldn’t be able to walk indeed or if, they would walk in a really funny way after the shaggathons they experience. But it’s our fantasy and we feel entitled to get carried away聽so our female protagonists can聽soar in the hands of prodigal lovers of Colin, Tony, Jim and Ted and don’t even feel聽some of these possible聽inconveniences that are a result of a large amount of sex. On the opposite, they always want more and are full of new ideas how to have fun with their lovers. This applies to lovers as well – their sexual imagination has no limits.