The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

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I and my co-writer are pleased to announce that we have just been given The Very Inspiring Blogger Award. It was awarded to us by Calvinandi, thanks a lot. We’re really happy that our blog inspires you.

As I understand the rules of this ‘game’ we are now supposed to give you, guys, 7 random things about us as well as award 15 other bloggers that we think are worthy of this prize.


Here we go:

1. We love good food. And wine. Though, while my co-writer tends to be patriotic in her tastes and likes Argentinean wine, I’m not really nationalist about it. If the wine is good I will drink it.

2. Rockers inspire us, especially, these certain rockers. Though considering our book it’s hardly a surprise.

3. We do have big boobs and we love them.

4. We love our asses as well.

5. My co-writer has never visited another continent, but I have been the US.

6. I admit I still haven’t really learned the language of the country that I live in now, I take advantage of the fact that a lot of people here do speak English – I just do them a favour, they can practice their English.

7. You probably noticed that our book bears – Part 1, Volume 1… Yes, it’s not the end. We have 2 more parts of the first volume almost ready. The second volume is written in 2/3 though not really edited …

Now for the bloggers that we think are worth attention. Obviously I do have to start with the sister blog that is written in Spanish – sexo y menta.聽The other Spanish blog that inspires my co-writer is jardin de adultos.聽is an official blog of a real 80s groupie. Very interesting reading material indeed. Just remember, if you want to compare it with our blog (and also the book) we write about fantasies, naughty things that took place only in our imagination. Alycen’s blog concentrates more on reality of being a groupie and what it was like.

Another batch of blogs I want to award falls into the category of ‘bra fitting’. Yes, you heard me correctly. You can blog about bras, lingerie as well as boob-friendly clothes for women of all shapes and sizes. 聽My awards go to:

I remember when I started my ‘adventure’ with well fitting bras there were not so many blogs in bra- sphere – 聽I suppose the word is spreading 馃檪

Last but not the least the last category of blogs. The ladies who write all these below are 聽responsible for the growth of my nail polish collection. Thank you dear nail polish maniacs, thanks to all those lovely photos you post, my collection has grown from a meager 30 to almost 200… And I suppose it’s not the end… 聽Hmmm, hmmm… I’m still normal though… <rolls eyes> You still have more than me, don’t you?