A singing what?

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A singing pussy? What can it be? And how?

Sure, it can give out some sounds, especially after you gentelmen, pump some air inside it. This loud fart is hardly romantic, erotic, whatever, but it does happen after a hard pounding. But can a pussy actually sing? And how?

Well, this is what a project of  a young Swedish artist, Max Göran is about. He says about his project: “The first thought of the work was simply that it would be fun to do a video with singing pussies. Pussy has a much too narrow role in the world, where they can neither have personality or humor.

It turned out that the recording was significant for all who attended. Gender is at all so secret and shameful, and to relate with her pussy in this way meant that it actually became “better friends” with it. Everyone was terribly nervous prior to their pussy would be weird or disgusting, but it released quite late because everyone’s pussies looked weird / completely different / amazing.”

Well, this is the link to this kinky video. As all the posts from here also get posted on Facebook I’m only giving a link, don’t want any overzealous #@@#@ to report me.

Don’t watch at work. http://vimeo.com/59658050

Good vibrations 3:)

Love got shrink wrapped – a new artistic project

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BDSM lovers are into restraints, of various types. Submitting to your Dom, Master, or Daddy (or a female equivalent) is one of the things that thrills, surrendering your will to his or hers letting them do whatever they may please. Within what you both agreed beforehand. Here, this Japanese photographer, Haruhiko Kawaguchi, takes restraining into ‘new levels’. He wraps couples in plastic bags, sucks out the air from inside, then makes photos for about 10-20 seconds. Photos of the two people trapped in vacuum.

Kawaguchi says he has so far photographed about 80 couples, no major injuries have been noted, though some accidents have happened: ” It’s the men who panic the most. Four or five of them started struggling for air while in the bag, and one even peed in his pants, but none of them were able to break the plastic bag from the inside.”

Well, I must say I have mixed emotions. In those kinky relationships there’s trust between the two, you know more or less what the other person may do, moreover you know you can stop it anytime with a safe word. Apart from that you know his/her skills. Here you’re at a mercy of a third party who may make a mistake.

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