What are your favourite sex toys?

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First of all, sorry for not writing for almost a week, but I was away and even after coming back it was hard to catch up with things… I’ve only managed more or less now.

So, as the title of this note implies, what are your favourite erotic gadgets? Of course, apart from various restraints and immobilizing contraptions, you pervs 馃槈 I know you like them, in the book we’re fond of cuffs either, we also utilize leather restraints of various types, and naturally blindfolds. Being blindfolded and cuffed is…. mrrrr…. oh gods… so stimulating… Even thinking about it makes me all tingly and hot.

Our rockers can’t complain about their stamina, technique, length and girth and Yasmin, Eleyne and two other girls won’t even think of criticizing their heroes, but they do like using sex toys like dildos, vibrators and vibrating rings you put on your fingers. Gadgets for anal play, such as beads and various kinds of plugs are also often in use.聽I know that we probably exaggerate – in the ’80s, sex shops couldn’t possibly have been so well stocked as we describe it… 馃槈 We used all those online sex shops as sources of ‘inspiration’. But as everything we write about聽is a fantasy, we felt entitled to get a little carried away.

What are your preferences and likes in this field?


Birthday gift for Eleyne


“Hekate’s Passage, a story of sex and rock’n’roll” has been out for already 3 months (almost), but it’s just a part one. The first step of the sexual journey through time that will keep on expanding the girls’ erotic horizons. If you read the first part, you may say, the kink is very mild, but hold on, let me repeat – it’s just the first leg of this trip. Moreover we couldn’t cram everything into one book that covers just 3 days and nights with our heroes, even if we described these days in almost 76k words. More will come. Gradually.

The other thing is that we write about a real band. We don’t want to make them too uncomfortable with our fantasies. The only discomfort we gladly intend for them is the tightness of their pants in the certain region. You know which one. This is more than welcome. And if we had the knowledge that we did actually manage to cause them hard ons, it would be greatly rewarding for us. Oh, to know that our dirty fantasies make them horny, the same way and to the same way as spinning these scenarios in our heads excites us…

Now, whenever we have some time (between our regular jobs, promoting the book already out, our FB fan page, this blog and also translating the book into Spanish) we continue writing and we’re close to a particular date. Eleyne is going to have her birthday, and to her delight she’ll be able to celebrate it with Julian Twist. The question is – what should her lovers give her? I just can’t decide… You see, Eleyne is a naughty, 聽slightly kinky girl that may submit if it suits her purposes. And if coaxed properly. Tony has this power over her. He and the rest of Julian Twist are debating. Should it be: a new pair of stylish cuffs, nipple clamps or a butt plug? 聽Or should they just tie some ribbons on their cocks and deliver the g… sorry, the presents in nature?

best present

BDSM Star Wars sex toys

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“Light saber聽is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times… before the Empire.” These were Obi Won’s words to Luke Skywalker before giving him his father’s weapon.

Well, light sabers and other gadgets from the Star Wars saga, may not be treated as gadgets that the movie maniacs bring to all types of convents anymore. What would you say to a dildo shaped light saber? A pity they haven’t made this one yet, but you can already buy a range of bdsm gadgets like whips and paddles that will keep your asses sore and red while you’re held still by more Star Wars themed restraints. Your eyes may be covered by stylish blindfolds with Star Wars logo. Check out Geek Kink for more details.


Inspiring erotic toys

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While there’s nothing better than a real man in bed, he can sometimes get ‘tired’ and need to regenerate when a girl is still horny. Thus sex toys are a great help, of course as long as batteries last… We can also use them to our full satisfaction when no man is around.

My recent Facebook and Internet research for pics and ideas lead me to this inspiring gadget.

bunny plug

Imagine how naughty you could be, having this little bunny tail sticking out of your butt. You could add bunny ears on your head with it, then you just bite the pillow and stick your bum up for him and let him enjoy the view. He could spank you and feeling the toy inside your anus while his hands handle your ass cheeks is really divine. It’s also a chance to try a sandwich…

Yes, especially for those who are too possessive (and selfish, yes, gentlemen, I’m talking about you) 聽to let the third person inside their bed, sex toys like this are a great possibility to try out something new. Double penetration with a dick and a toy is exactly one of these exciting novelties that could be explored.

Just to let you enjoy the whole picture.

bunny plug

Our naughty cave ancestors…

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Looking at the overwhelming presence of sex themes in the media all around us one may start to think that past generations had very little sex and if they did it was in the darkness and under covers and during the act they were wearing all those long nighties that make any person look completely asexual. Some of them did I suppose, but recent findings show that聽our ancestors聽took much more pleasure and fun in sex. Do you think that all the sex gadgets and porn are modern inventions? Not really. After all as long as people have penises and pussies they will want to keep them entertained.

The first sex gadget to be discovered point back as聽early as the Upper Paleolithic era, which was from 40,000 to 10,000 years ago. However not much research has been done on the subject of what our cave female ancestors were really doing when the men folk went hunting. 聽Another finding points to 5th century BCE, when聽the Greeks began producing something called an olisbos that was sold in the port of Miletus. Olisbos was a dildo sculpted in wood. I just hope they got it smooth enough, without splinters…sex_toy_olisbos

The same refers to first nude paintings, we can’t take the ‘responsibility’ for inventing them, neither past generations who lived in the last 2 thousand years as the first nude paintings come from聽40,000 years ago. And while some scientists may argue that they depict some fertility rites,聽the paintings found in caves in Spain and elsewhere in Europe show sex not so much as a biological function but a kick ass way to spend an afternoon. More than that, some of these acts that are drawn there could only result in procreation if a woman’s mouth had a somewhat direct connection with her feminine equipment. Yeah, cavemen knew the pleasures of blow jobs.

Lust objectified

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There are people who seem not to know what to do with their money and just spend a lot if it on a sex doll’s virginity. Are we, women, more clever than that? Would we spend so much money on a sex toy? No, no way… It’s just too stupid to pay a fortune for something that is not really worth it.

How much would you be willing to pay for a dildo, vibrator or another type of small sex toy, ladies? I don’t include all array of bigger Fucking Machines here, these devices are obviously more sophisticated so the price has to be higher.

When you look at a website of a typical sex shop, the prices range from about 10 Euros for the cheap, small butterfly or dolphin styled vibrators to more or less a hundred or one hundred fifty if you want something posh and stylish. If you wanted to get a Fucking Machine you would have to be ready to spend from about 500 Euros to 1600 Euros… Excluding probable assembly of the device. However, it seems these prices are not enough. Behold the most snobbish, the most luxurious and the most expensive vibrator in the world. And I assume that if it is available on the market, the demand for it does exist.

Inez of Lilo.


What makes it so luxurious? Well, it comes in a 24 karat gold plate (or stainless steel, in its silver colored version). It almost makes me wonder if it could be treated as an investment. Just like a Rolex watch, you buy one for, say, 8 thousand Euros, after a few years it’s worth, say 20% more… The pity is, I don’t think they put enough gold on it to be treated this way. It’s just a posh, snobbish toy, a status symbol that most probably doesn’t even give you better orgasms than a regular cheap vibrator. How much is this pleasure from the above picture? Some of you have already probably googled Lelo website and you just sit and stare at the price. And you keep on counting all the zeros making sure there’s no mistake. Yes, it’s fucking 12000 Euros. A twelve and three zeros.

Any ideas what any of us would do with twelve thousand Euros? Instead of buying a 24k gold vibrator…

The photo comes from Lelo website.

New sex toy for men – Soloflesh

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Sex toy industry is a vast one and it constantly comes up with new inventions. New, innovative, or sometimes really stupid sex toys appear on the market really often. Recently I’ve come across this video that presents the usage of one of the latest inventions for men. Sorry, guys, I don’t think I’m allowed to embed the video directly here, as this blog doesn’t have over 18 warning, instead a link. BTW, don’t watch it at work 馃槈 I have to admit that its contents got me horny.

Well, what do you think, gentelmen? Is it a good idea that will catch up? Especially for those who at a given moment don’t have a woman handy, can’t pick up one for whatever reasons, and would rather not use their hand…

From me, just 聽‘technical’ remarks. I hope this rubber, or whatever that artificial ass is made of is resistant to pressure. You wouldn’t want it to burst once you lie down on it and start screwing… And you also should be careful not to pour too hot water inside…