Sexy videos

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Have you ever thought how much sex or erotic images of various kinds is used in music videos?

How many problems did Motley Crue have when in the mid 80s they decided to make a video that kind of glorified this rocker way of life, and more precisely, the easy sex they could get in all those stripper clubs. I’m talking of Girls girls girls. Frankly speaking, I’ve never seen the original video that is mentioned here where the strippers were completely naked as this article claims, just the censored version where they wear all those skimpy bras and panties. Does anybody know where to see the original?

I suppose Motley Crue were not the first to make an erotic video, for sure they were not the last.  Perhaps Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood wasn’t too sexually explicit as far as images were concerned (apart from the banned version, which is in the link), but the lyrics were definitely on the erotic, kinky side. I  also personally remember another artist who caused much commotion with her sex related videos. I’m talking of Madonna here, and the first video was Like a Prayer and the other one Justify my Love. (I know, a completely different music genre). Another artist like this was Prince, quite a sexual guy. For sure he didn’t hesitate to use sexy chicks and images in his videos.

I didn’t follow the 90s music too much, so I don’t remember any particular instances, my attention only got caught a lot of time later, in 2009 when Rammstein released their Liebe ist für alle da album. I’m talking mainly of the Pussy video, it’s been quite a shock to see it for the first time. Though I hear another video from that album also caused some controversy, however the version I saw (You tube, so there’s nothing inappropriate, You tube are a bunch of prudes) there’s nothing to open eyes wide.

Other bands and artists are going further, For example Placebo with their video to Protege-moi. Obviously you won’t find the uncensored version on Youtube…  those prudes out there take measures so that you don’t see anything unsuitable, they go even that far to censor the videoclip of Robin Thicke. IMO, Blurred Lines the x-rated version doesn’t have anything so hair raising to justify having to sign in to Youtube to confirm your age. Well, just some chicks prancing naked and that’s all.

A witch hunt

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burning books

What does the above image resemble? Burning of Alexandria’s Library?  Holy Inquisition getting rid of the uncomfortable ideas and their creators? Or perhaps Nazis burning books in 1933? Or some more recent events where some Harry Potter books were burned?

Saturday was a sad day for the BDSM community on Facebook. Almost 200 pages were deleted thanks to actions of Women Action and the Media under the accusation of spreading violence against women. However the note from FB also mentions nudity, pornography and sexual solicitation. The said page at first denied being behind the attack but when a proof was found – mainly this screenshot, they stopped denying, it speaks for itself.

image reporting

Who are they to forbid adults to engage and propagate the lifestyle they want and enjoy? The lifestyle that doesn’t hurt anybody, and is certainly not violence against women as they want to imply. Subs can be men too. But whatever happens between a Sub and a Dom(me) is always consensual and can be stopped at any minute with a safe word.

People who run the pages that got removed and that still remain joined forces and fight. Not an easy fight – apparently Facebook wants an easy job and now is trying to make it difficult for these freedom speakers  to communicate through FB messaging, you can only wonder what will come next…

You don’t get hard core BDSM in Hekate’s Passage, just mild kink, playing with cuffs and other restraints, blindfolds, sex toys and being generally immoral, but I deeply sympathize with the pages that were removed. Some of them were our s4s partners (though I chose the lighter contents to share to better illustrate what goes on in the book). Such a form of censorship shouldn’t be taking place on Facebook, it’s like a witch hunt now. And if that organization of women ‘who know better even though they don’t know shit’ succeed, what other pages can they take on? Why not tackle other erotic pages and communities who dare to post these immoral obscenities and about pussies, dicks and fucking?

Pages unpublished on 6/22/13
1. The Naughty Room
2. Kinkier Side of Sex
3. It’s All About Sex Baby
4. Whatever u Say Not
5. Sinful Bytes
6. Pussy Cat Lounge II
7. Delightful Devlish Kink
8. Scarlett’s Roadhouse
9. Dr. Sexcellence
10. Missy’s Saloon
11. Eye Candy For All
12. Dairy of a sex fiend
13. Fabulous O
14. Fifty Shades of Us
15. Sugar and Spice
16. Master Grimm and slave nalani
17. love me some tits and ass
18. live, love, laugh
19. big bang hank
20. The pussy cat lounge
21. sexy real girls
22. fucked up and twisted couple
23. fucked up and twisted minds
24. Goregous GIRLS
25. Funny Fuckers
26. That’s the G-Spot
27. Cold Beer & Hot Nights
28. Fuck Off
29. Celebrity Dead Pool
30. jojo’s lil padded cell
31. socio demetis,
33. wenches & Mead
34. Devil’s Left Shoulder
35. Ken, The Sexually Frustrated Goat
36. filthy joke zone
37. No Whinner
38. The Strange Asylum and Shit
39. 18+ Adults
40. Adult shit not for kids
41. Pleasure island
42. stroke my ego,
43. parents playground
44. bitchin mamas and bad ass papas,
45. are you gonna cry,
46. sensual ecstasy x rated
47. Disturbed Submissive
48. she looks 18+ to me, social awkward,
49. slap in the right direction
50. sexy or slutty,
51. essence of pride
52. Full Throttle Lifestyle
53. sexorcist
54. SSG
55. Fairy Tales in La La Land
56. Dr Dirty Mind
57. Dr Dirty Minds II
58. BDSM International
59. Combat Grunts
60. Combat Infantry
61. Just the Tip of the Spear
62. Fn Oorah
63. Oorah nor Hooah
64. Shameful Dependapix
65. Hot Bods for Military Guys
66. The Person Above Me is a POG
67. Extremely Pissed Off Right 68. Wingers
69. Barriogirls fan page
70. see no hear no speak no evil
71. The loving Dom
72. Bound 4 Trouble
73. The Keepers Den
74. Lady Hecate
75. Incubus Delight
76. Bondage & Alternative Lifestyle
77. Adults place uncensored
78. Naughty Mums
79. Kytti and Sugar’s Red Room
80. Perverted Productions
81. Adult Lounge of Kink
82. Deviant Adults (main)
83. Dinkle Berry & Deviants
84. Sarcastic Bitch
85. Pain & pleasure in Maya’s world
86. Daddy’s Little Girl gone bad
87. Perverts need love
88. Going to hell who needs a ride
89. Really Funny Shit
90. I won’t back down
91. Delightfully Devilish Kink

Apart from there other pages that disappeared include:

– The insatiable sensualist,
– Clubhouse Uncensored,
– Firehouse freaks 18+,
– Girls who like to fuck as much as boys,
– Deviant Adults, and also Erotic confessions of a sex crazed southern belle.

I don’t see Yummi Love Channel (beautiful page with highly sensual photos) as well as Erotik (they also had really nice, brave  but still tasteful erotic pics).  😦

So as you see, it’s not only BDSM community that was hit, other pages that posted inconvenient contents for somebody are also gone.

Some of the above are already rebuild, they have established back up/shadow pages. Some are also moving to BDSMfriendbook… should we move too? It’s really depressing if you work on a page and then suddenly it’s gone, just because some delusional under-fucked hags who think that know better pulled some strings.

To Facebook moderators: I’ve once read how grueling and depressing your work is, going over all the posted pictures, some not really pleasant (to put it delicately)  – drastic and tragic proves how violent life can get, and sometimes you can’t just prevent bad things from happening. Just concentrate on this. Don’t harass adults who engage in consensual fun. These pages are deliberately set on 18+ or even 21+ so that in theory kids can’t see them. Well, if they do it’s not your problem, it’s also not a problem of the said pages. It should be the problem of parents who don’t spend enough time with their kids and let them unrestrained usage of internet.

Good news for BDSM lovers

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I have some good news for all those that are into kinky sex. A few days ago Science published results of a study that concluded: “practitioners of “bondage-discipline, dominance-submission, sadism-masochism (BDSM) tend to be less neurotic, anxious, and paranoid, and more extroverted, conscientious, and open to new experiences than members of the “vanilla” general public.” The results of this study were published in the prestigious Journal of Sexual Medicine.

Andreas Wismeijer, coauthor of “Psychological Characteristics of BDSM Practitioners”, put out a call to members of the BDSM community asking for volunteers for a survey; 902 signed on. For his control group,  non-BDSMers, 434 subjects agreed to participate.

Without telling his respondents the aim of his study – he merely told them it was a study on “human behavior” – he then asked them to complete questionnaires designed to measure their personality, rejection sensitivity, relationship-attachment style, and overall sense of well-being. The conclusions of all these questionnaires were summed up in the first sentence of this post.

Sure, as the BDSM community is not homogeneous ’cause there are dominants, submissives, and those who enjoy playing both roles – “switches” in the leathery lingo, the results differed a bit depending on the person. According to Wismeijer and van Assen, dominants tended to score the highest in all measurements, submissives the lowest, and switches exactly where you’d assume: in the middle.

However, submissives can’t be treated as sniveling self-loathers. On the contrary. “Within the BDSM community,” Wismeijer told Live Science, “[submissives] were always perceived as the most vulnerable, but still, there was not one finding in which the submissives scored less favorable than the controls.”

Wismeijer admits that his study is not bulletproof. The self-selecting nature of the participants is one cause for caution, as is the fact that it’s possible the BDSM practitioners skewed their answers to make themselves look good. But the fact that none of the participants knew what the study was about lessens that latter concern.

Well, anyway it could be kind of summarized into an equation: whips + clips + cuffs + collars = wholesome ‘recreational leisure’ . Do this and it will get you mentally healthier than the vanilla bonkers are.

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A singing what?

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A singing pussy? What can it be? And how?

Sure, it can give out some sounds, especially after you gentelmen, pump some air inside it. This loud fart is hardly romantic, erotic, whatever, but it does happen after a hard pounding. But can a pussy actually sing? And how?

Well, this is what a project of  a young Swedish artist, Max Göran is about. He says about his project: “The first thought of the work was simply that it would be fun to do a video with singing pussies. Pussy has a much too narrow role in the world, where they can neither have personality or humor.

It turned out that the recording was significant for all who attended. Gender is at all so secret and shameful, and to relate with her pussy in this way meant that it actually became “better friends” with it. Everyone was terribly nervous prior to their pussy would be weird or disgusting, but it released quite late because everyone’s pussies looked weird / completely different / amazing.”

Well, this is the link to this kinky video. As all the posts from here also get posted on Facebook I’m only giving a link, don’t want any overzealous #@@#@ to report me.

Don’t watch at work.

Good vibrations 3:)

Hot chocolate… Hot wax…

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Speaking of using temperature changes to excite your partner sexually, heat cannot stay unmentioned. I can imagine hundreds of scenarios when various hot, melted food products like chocolate or caramel get licked of the skin of your lover. And leaving hot food aside, hot wax is also exciting. I remember sticking my fingers into melted candles just to enjoy the feel of wax on my skin even though those situations I did it in were highly unerotic. So I can easily imagine how powerful impact it can have while used for sexual purposes even though I’ve never tried it myself yet.

However, with both of the above certain precautions are necessary. After all we want to have fun and not end up at emergency with a burned partner. So checking if the temperature is not too high is really crucial (about 50 degrees Centigrade).  Cheap soft white candles tend to be the lowest melt temperature wax, because of the lack of additives, so buying fancy ones may not be the best idea. Personally I’d be also careful about dripping hot wax directly on the delicate skin on women’s clits or assholes.  Perhaps warm chocolate which you could later lick off would be much better.

One more thing – hair. Sure a lot of women use hot wax to depilate, they even pay for it,  it’s still not the most pleasant sensation. We just suffer for beauty. So if your idea is to cause pleasure rather than pain make sure you have some baby oil to remove it easily.

And speaking of hot wax and candles – as you melt wax with fire, have something handy that you can use to extinguish the flames if the situation gets out of control. You don’t want to burn your house, do you?  Getting rid of pets, especially cats, from the bedroom wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Felines are nosy and a burning candle can be just too much of a temptation for a kitty to resist.

And don’t forget to put off the flame once you’re finished playing with hot wax and want to start fucking.


Love got shrink wrapped – a new artistic project

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BDSM lovers are into restraints, of various types. Submitting to your Dom, Master, or Daddy (or a female equivalent) is one of the things that thrills, surrendering your will to his or hers letting them do whatever they may please. Within what you both agreed beforehand. Here, this Japanese photographer, Haruhiko Kawaguchi, takes restraining into ‘new levels’. He wraps couples in plastic bags, sucks out the air from inside, then makes photos for about 10-20 seconds. Photos of the two people trapped in vacuum.

Kawaguchi says he has so far photographed about 80 couples, no major injuries have been noted, though some accidents have happened: ” It’s the men who panic the most. Four or five of them started struggling for air while in the bag, and one even peed in his pants, but none of them were able to break the plastic bag from the inside.”

Well, I must say I have mixed emotions. In those kinky relationships there’s trust between the two, you know more or less what the other person may do, moreover you know you can stop it anytime with a safe word. Apart from that you know his/her skills. Here you’re at a mercy of a third party who may make a mistake.

Flesh Love

BDSM Star Wars sex toys

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“Light saber is the weapon of a Jedi Knight. Not as clumsy or random as a blaster; an elegant weapon for a more civilized age. For over a thousand generations, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Old Republic. Before the dark times… before the Empire.” These were Obi Won’s words to Luke Skywalker before giving him his father’s weapon.

Well, light sabers and other gadgets from the Star Wars saga, may not be treated as gadgets that the movie maniacs bring to all types of convents anymore. What would you say to a dildo shaped light saber? A pity they haven’t made this one yet, but you can already buy a range of bdsm gadgets like whips and paddles that will keep your asses sore and red while you’re held still by more Star Wars themed restraints. Your eyes may be covered by stylish blindfolds with Star Wars logo. Check out Geek Kink for more details.