Hekate’s Passage, part 2, volume 1

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I have really good news for you. The second part of our book is being edited, actually the editing is almost over – if everything goes well the book should be out at the end of the next week.

This is also why we’ve been posting so infrequently – lot of work with editing, promoting. Some other things get in the way as well.

Meanwhile, to tickle your curiosity I have a viral for you. The new viral that promotes the second part of our naughty story.

Btw, have you already bought the first part?
Should I remind you where to get it? It has some very good reviews and we’re waiting for more…
https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/289818 – these guys have a few formats to choose from.
And for those that prefer Amazon and Kindle – another link.

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