Who are they?

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Those of you who have ever fantasized about a steamy encounter with a rocker probably wonder who our book is about. Those of you who are rockers may be wondering as well as to who got lucky to be chosen. And I’ll tell you, our chosen protagonists are inspiring indeed. They make us dream wet and wild as no other men ever have done. Our imagination and wishes have made them our sexual heroes, prodigal in their bed skills, capable of making women soar in ecstasy they have never yet experienced… Sounds flattering to you, guys? I hope it does.  I’d like you all to envy them… 😉

So, who are these men that make our senses reel and imagination run in frenzy? Well, there are quite a lot of rock and heavy metal bands that started back in the 70s. And quite a lot of them had really hot guys as their members. Just look at a few of them:

british bands

They look yummy, don’t they? Pieces of delicious cake to be devoured by sexually starved girl fans lusting after and inspired not only by their music. Well, we do mention in the blurb that the band is British, but are we saying the truth? Or is it just a ruse to conceal the real identity of our heroes? After all, American rock and heavy metal bands of that time were also hot as hell. Another snapshot:

american bands

And all these are just a tip of an iceberg. European rock and heavy metal bands of the 80s had also very appetizing members who could inspire a lot os sexual fantasies 😛

Well, I’ll let you wonder then who our divine heroes may really be…

PS. I hope none of these images holds any copyright on them, if they do, let me know and I’ll change them.

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