Fragments of Chapter 1 (2), Hekate’s Passage, Part 1, Volume 1

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This is the continuation of the scene from this post.

“For me it’s the same, gals. Tony’s been and still is an extraordinarily hot guy. I would do him anytime…” I muse wantonly seeing him with the eyes of my imagination, seeing how he has been changing during all those years of his heavy-metal career. What has stayed the same is his captivating smile, and his brown eyes. As well as his figure. He’s always been very slim but not too tall. What kept on changing was his hairstyle, from shoulder length unruly dark hair, through long feathered and highlighted hair to the style he has now. Blond hair, reaching slightly below his shoulder and seemingly always messy… Well, and sure he has gained some wrinkles, but he only looks hotter with them.

Then I remember something and I share it with Yasmin and Melisa.

“Gals, have you heard of Belmondo?”

“Belmondo, Belmondo…” Melisa muses, “I think I heard his name… I just don’t remember where…”

Well, she’s American, so I’m not really too surprised she’s not too savvy about European culture. But Yasmin also seems to be raking her mind, and she finally says.

“I think I once saw a movie with him. Isn’t he an actor?”

“Yes, he’s a French actor,” I confirm and Melisa sighs.

“Now I know why this name has been nagging me, I’ve read about him… I didn’t see any movies with him though, ”  she adds as an afterthought.

“So, what about him?”

“Well, I read some gossip columns about him and it seems that even though he’s 78 now he still has a very young girlfriend. The girl is 35, mind you… So she’s more than twice younger than him…”

The gals whistle and Yasmin laughs. “Well, I wonder. Is he still …?” Here she hesitates, apparently not being able to phrase it delicately. I help her formulate her thought in a much cruder way.

“You wanted to ask if he can still get it up…? Well, if she’s not with him for the money and prestige then I suppose he has to. Women of this age start to have some needs that have to be taken care of. And they only start to grow then…”

They burst out laughing and I join them. When Yasmin manages to stop her giggles she utters. “Well, even if he can’t get it up I suppose that being French he has to know how to use his fingers and tongue… And has some experience to back him up…”

This bring more peals of laughter from us, when our wicked giggles subside I add. “You know, I used to laugh at all these jokes about ‘old lechers’ and young women, but now I just can’t… Not with Tony…”

“I can understand what you mean.” Yasmin sighs, “You want Tony too much to laugh at such silly jokes…”

“Exactly.” I nod my head, “I get completely wet just thinking what he could do with me… Damned, if he suddenly showed up here I’d do him even on these stones.”

“I imagine this could be a bit uncomfortable. The stones are cold and hard, but I understand it too well. If miracles happened and Jim turned up here as well, I wouldn’t hesitate a moment…” Melisa sighs.

We keep silent for a moment thinking about our respective crushes, then Yasmin suggests. “I can ask Babette about Belmondo, she’s French, so she must know about French actors. Let me text her.”

And she takes out her mobile phone to type a message to Babette. After a few minutes she receives a reply. “Babette confirms your gossip. She says her mum loves the actor and knows everything about him. She also says she has stuffed herself with painkillers and other medicines and she may join us when she feels better… and if she doesn’t feel so groggy…”

“Sure, the wine is certainly waiting for her,” I smile, “though I think we have already eaten most of the food.”

“She said she has ordered a pizza. And I’m not really sure if she should drink wine after all the medicines she took,” Yasmin answers then thinks for a moment. “Gals, but even putting thoughts about their ages aside, I still can only dream about putting my hands on Colin. He’s really inaccessible to me and to any other woman as well…”

She turns sad. And it’s true what she said… It looks like no matter how many women pine after him, none of them will ever get him.

We finish our meal in pensive silence; if I can guess well, Yasmin is thinking about Colin, and Melisa must be fantasizing about Jim, judging from her absent-minded expression. My mind keeps on spinning around hot scenarios centering on Tony, too.

With the food all finished, we continue with one more bottle of wine, and I decide to turn on some music – bring out the Ipod and start playing Julian Twist. We decide we want Protectors of the Belief… The music’s playing, our bodies are starting to sway, we are sipping our wine, and my thoughts are getting hotter and hotter. I can hear the music pulsing and throbbing through my body, and this burning feeling stirs in my lower abdomen; I can’t and don’t want to sit any more. I get up and start dancing. I can feel some strange power in me, growing, wanting more. As I dance I start to strip and the gals are staring at me. I ask them.

“Don’t you feel it? This place makes me feel so feminine and powerful; it’s filling me up with energy.”

They look at me in a strange way, but I can see they can feel the same strange emotion, too. Melisa joins me in the dance and she strips while dancing, too. Now each of us celebrates one anothers’ femininity, all swaying to the beat of seductive, sensual Julian Twist music that we all love so much.  It almost feels as if we were calling them with our minds and bodies to join us in this crazy dance…

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