Fragments of Chapter 1, Hekate’s Passage, volume 1, part 1

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Soon the fire is crackling nicely. As I prepare the sticks with the sausages, my womb starts to stir again; I feel more heat in my pussy as I stare into the flames, almost as if the fire was channeling its energy inside me, and my thoughts wander again to what I would like to do with Tony.  Oh boy, those brown captivating eyes of his… And with Jim… Or even better with both of them at the same time. I think my expression becomes more than just idle reverie as Yasmin nudges me.

“Eleyne, stop daydreaming, woman. It’s not the time or place for it.”

“For me it’s always the right time and place to fantasize about Tony, and about…” Here I bite my tongue, not finishing and sigh. Perhaps Melisa shouldn’t hear about my appetite concerning Jim. She’s more than just a bit jealous about him, even if he doesn’t know about her, as she is just another one of his ardent fans.

“Eleyne, we’re hungry. At least start grilling these sausages while you moon about.” Melisa smiles.

She’s correct. I can as well daydream about him doing any activity, even if it’s just preparing a meal. Though in case of tasks requiring more of my concentration, things can get screwed up. Tony and Jim claim almost all my attention, making me forgetful and also inefficient at performing just about any task. We open a bottle from my stash while preparing our meal. We are all so hungry. We don’t wait for the sausages to cook and eat some bread and cheese first to help quelch or hunger.

While we’re holding the sticks with sausages over the flames, trying to grill them properly instead of just burning them, Melisa asks me.

“How much do you feel for Tony?”

“Melisa, what can I say? I’ve never felt this way for any other guy. I kind of know that for some people it may seem like a stupid fan-idol fascination, but really, I used to fancy some other musicians. And things never got to this level as with Tony. I just can’t stop thinking about him.”

“I know how you feel. Jim is the same for me. It’s just such a pity that I won’t be able to see him in the fall, when Julian Twist will be touring to the U.S.”

“Perhaps, we could try to pay him a visit. His mansion is not really that far from here,” Yasmin suggests with a naughty smile.

“Well, can you play golf?” she asks.

“Not really… We could request a lesson from him, couldn’t we?” Yasmin continues with an impish look in her eyes. Is she also after Jim? I thought that Colin, the band front man was her crush. I see that Melisa has noticed these sparks  as well and I can almost see her grind her teeth.

“Keep your dirty thoughts off Jim. He’s mine.”

“First you have to catch him,” I wink.

She sighs. “Unfortunately you are right. It may not be so easy.”

I sigh as well. “A kingdom to somebody who could somehow invite me backstage or to a hotel they’ll be staying at, so that I can put my paws on Tony…”

“He could be your father, you know…” Yasmin gets into a pensive mood.

“Well… What can I say? Jim could be even my grandfather if he and his offspring had been stubborn enough about it,” Melisa shrugs.

“I suppose that could refer to Colin too,” Yasmin agrees, “but I don’t really care. He’s somebody special to me and I don’t really care about his age or any other thing the people can tell me about him.”


Sorry, we can’t post anything explicit here. I know some of you may expect something more juicy but WordPress doesn’t really allow adult contents…

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