I can’t get no satisfaction…

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I’ve found an interesting article recently describing the results of a survey done in Japan by a Japan Family Planning Association. And I must say the results were hardly surprising for me. So, the results say that 71.3 percent of the women indicated that they had masturbated in the past year. Well, this is hardly surprising, after all times are changing and masturbation is not something shameful or taboo but a nice way of exploring and discovering one’s own sexuality. The next finding however, is almost a cherry on the pie:  the examiners concluded that the rates are directly proportional to a lack of satisfaction in a conventional intercourse. Among unmarried women, 67.1 percent said they fake orgasms. The figure was slightly less (64.2 percent) for married women. This is also hardly eye opening, after all if we are not fully satisfied after the shagging we have to get our pleasure somehow. Not having an orgasm can have severe consequences for our mood and well being, and if we feel pissed cause we didn’t climax and a man is too blind (or too lazy or too sexually uneducated) to notice that a woman needs some more action, the worse for him.

We might start to look for another solution in the long run… How about choosing some mature, sex-wise, experienced guys (thank you, Cialis) instead of peers who watched too much porn and think that a woman gets ready for sex in just a few seconds? Not the case, gentelmen, especially if a woman is quite young cause those about 40 have higher libido levels and may react faster.

One more solution for a sexually unsatisfied woman is finding a girlfriend. Another woman will be really quicker to find all the pleasure points on her partner’s body, she will start checking in the same places she finds highly erogenous herself. And she knows where they are… Well, sure, no kids will be born out of such a union, unless some scientists come out how to make parthenogenesis possible.

Hmmm, both these solution would leave a vast amount of young men single, and if a woman in her 40s were interested in having a young horny stud it would probably work, especially once she has ‘trained’ him 3:)

orgasm solution

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