Women and (fake) orgasm

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You, guys, probably are perfectly aware of the fact that an average woman can fake an orgasm. Quite a lot of us still do, even though in the long run it’s not the most advisable path to take. I suppose everybody remembers the unforgettable scene from the old romantic comedy “When Harry met Sally”.

The truth is, making all these pleasure moans and groans is a piece of cake for any of us, we can stage a fake orgasm without any problem. One of the points is, all these sounds are for you, to guide you, we know you’re not clairvoyant and you would do with some prompts. But  when we masturbate in private we don’t really bother to make ‘a show’, the orgasm comes quietly. It’s just our breathing that may be more rugged.

Is there a way to tell a real orgasm? Well, watch the other video. This time as a link as it comes from a ‘naughty’ website. And again a  warning – don’t watch it at work.

So, when we really climax, we may completely lose control of our muscles. Our pussies and asses contract and you should be able to feel these spasms on your dick. Of course, their intensity may vary. It depends how skilled you are and how deep you have taken your woman into pleasure.

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