Why won’t he go down on me?

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We’ve already written a post about blow jobs and some women’s reluctance to give it, to make it fair there should be one about licking pussies. Some men love it, some don’t. Some men will eat a woman out  eagerly, some will shudder at the prospect of taste, smell and overall experience and will prefer straight shagging over it. Why?

I’ve read an opinion of somebody who listened up to quite a lot of men on the subject and one reason gets repeated. You know, ladies, in this regard, straight men are simple creatures really: if it looks edible and smells reasonably fresh, they’ll eat it. So having written it I’ll ask, when was the last time you washed your pussy? I know I chided men for the lack of personal hygiene in this blog, but this sin isn’t limited to men only. A saying in my language says: ‘make sure you stay clean down there, you don’t know the time when something happens’.

And once we are at the subject of hygiene, the matter of pubic hair arises. And while I may complain that due to all the modern porn videos all the young guys will never know what a real woman’s pussy looks like, they may even think that pussies stay hairless like in all these videos all the time, I agree that having less hair in the intimate area is more hygenic and more comfortable. Well, for sure less hair gets into your noses, gentelmen, and you also get unrestrained areas of flesh to lick and suck.

To cap it off, an educational photo for the young men. This is what a real pussy looks like.


Yes, guys, we do naturally have some fur there. It can even be more than on this photo, depending on the general hair color, brunettes tend to have more.