Our naughty cave ancestors…

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Looking at the overwhelming presence of sex themes in the media all around us one may start to think that past generations had very little sex and if they did it was in the darkness and under covers and during the act they were wearing all those long nighties that make any person look completely asexual. Some of them did I suppose, but recent findings show that our ancestors took much more pleasure and fun in sex. Do you think that all the sex gadgets and porn are modern inventions? Not really. After all as long as people have penises and pussies they will want to keep them entertained.

The first sex gadget to be discovered point back as early as the Upper Paleolithic era, which was from 40,000 to 10,000 years ago. However not much research has been done on the subject of what our cave female ancestors were really doing when the men folk went hunting.  Another finding points to 5th century BCE, when the Greeks began producing something called an olisbos that was sold in the port of Miletus. Olisbos was a dildo sculpted in wood. I just hope they got it smooth enough, without splinters…sex_toy_olisbos

The same refers to first nude paintings, we can’t take the ‘responsibility’ for inventing them, neither past generations who lived in the last 2 thousand years as the first nude paintings come from 40,000 years ago. And while some scientists may argue that they depict some fertility rites, the paintings found in caves in Spain and elsewhere in Europe show sex not so much as a biological function but a kick ass way to spend an afternoon. More than that, some of these acts that are drawn there could only result in procreation if a woman’s mouth had a somewhat direct connection with her feminine equipment. Yeah, cavemen knew the pleasures of blow jobs.