A man whose dick was cut off…

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Can you imagine having your dick cut off, gents? Most of you will probably shudder dreading to even think about such a disaster. Yikes!  Nevertheless it may happen, as it did to a John Wayne Bobbit. 20 years ago after a row with his then-wife, he fell asleep not suspecting that his pissed and vengeful spouse had ominous plans about his manhood. When he was sleeping she sliced off his cock and drove off with the severed organ then throw it out in a field.

Luckily for this mister, the wife realized what she had done and called for the emergency services – otherwise her husband would simply have died bleeding out. The missing dick was found, after a long and painstaking search as you can imagine, then a complicated surgery was performed.  The cock was sewn back to the John’s body and all the nerve connections were stitched. Hmm…hmmm, were they living in the US? And  his medical insurance paid for this???

Whoever paid for the surgery, the doctors did really a good job as the operation had unexpectedly miraculous effects. Even though doctors warned John he might never have sex again after such a serious injury he recovered completely to such an extent that he even became a porn star.  Apart from that he fucked about 70 women…

His example proves everything is possible, however, I wouldn’t recommend using this method just to pick and fuck more chicks. Your doctors may not be as skilled as the ones 20 years ago, moreover your insurance may refuse to pay. Other than that, is really fucking more chicks worth such a pain?


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