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Which of you have participated in this stirring sexual activity, no matter if you have been on the top or on the bottom? If you’re a man, having your woman over you in this special way is super intimate. You can feel and smell her more  than in conventional oral sex positions, remember, she obscures the light so you’re partly in the darkness. And when one of your senses, like sight, is restricted, the others tend to become stronger. Additionally you may get a direct proof of her orgasm, seeing all those contractions and vibrations that happen to her pussy. Not to mention you may get a full load of her pussy juice if you’re efficient enough to make her squirt. If you’re a man and you’re on the top, you can just get your nuts and ass licked, your dick goes in the ‘wrong’ direction 😉

For the ladies, it’s exhilarating to dominate a man in this way, those with a dominant streak can go even further than that and play with some restraints, cuffing or binding your man’s hands. More than that, he doesn’t pleasure you only with his lips and tongue (and hands if he’s not cuffed), you additionally get his nose… mmmm…. Yes, lie to me, Pinocchio…

One more thing. Most of us have tongues that protrude only about 2 inches from your our mouths (well, this joke about an elderly guy licking his eyebrows comes to mind here ;), so if you want the bottom to be efficient it means getting quite close. Which in turn means he may have some difficulties breathing. You just have to be careful not to choke him – don’t get too lost in pleasure, you want him alive, don’t you?

The above matter can be handled quite well though with special furniture. It’s possible to buy facesitting stools, though they can get quite pricy. However, if you’re a DIY person, it’s not really difficult to fashion a stool for this purpose from an old chair or stool. Just playing with some tools trimming and cutting some old furniture, and presto.


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