Why women make so much noise during sex?

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Have you ever wondered why some women moan so much during sex? Some are even so noisy that your neighbours can hear you too well… Well, it can be embarrassing, but if the neighbours know your name and clap their hands when you leave your lover’s apartment you can feel kind of proud of yourself… But anyway, what is the reason that we, women, moan and whimper when we experience pleasure? After all, when we masturbate on our own, without a camcorder to send the sexy video somewhere into cyber space, most of us keep quiet…

Well, one of the logical answers that I was thinking was a correct one till now was – we moan to direct you, gents. You’re not clairvoyant, you don’t feel what we feel, you don’t have some kind of sensor device in your skin. There’s no way for you to know if what you’re actually doing is pleasing us or not if we don’t tell you somehow. That’s why we moan. The louder we do, you know then what you are doing is a good idea. Especially if you bother to learn a bit about women’s sexual physiology and find out how to recognize a female orgasm.

It seems this kind of explanation was not enough for some scientists. One of them, a British primatologist, Dr. Stuart Semple came up with another thesis after studying and analyzing the mating behaviours of baboons.  He says females make so much noise while mating because… they invite more potential admirers and lovers. This way they tell the males they are hot and ready for some more frolics.

Thorough study and comparative analysis of all the findings have showed that baboon females scream in this particular way only when they ovulate, they don’t behave this way in other phases of the cycle. Males also rather keep quiet during mating – hmmm, looks like they don’t want to invite competition. Looks logical… They want exclusivity, that’s one thing, and on the other hand they don’t want attention of some predator hunting in the area. So some males even may try to shut up their partners in whatever way… Does it sound familiar to you, gents, or not? 😉

A lot of you gents, probably have heard these loud ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ coming to your ears. Haven’t these sounds attracted your attention? Haven’t they made you horny enough to think of following this love call?

The conclusion of the finding is that we, human females, may also be still in some way like these baboons…Still hot, ready, unsated… Perhaps we should really knock at the neighbour’s door next time and invite you to a menage a trois romp… After all, the more, the merrier…

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