Geography of sex

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Have you ever wondered what sexual behaviors are the most common in various parts of the world? Where, for example, are people the most unfaithful? Or on the darker, undesired side of sex, where is there the biggest percentage of child rape? Some French geographers decided to answer these and many more questions and published a world atlas of sex. From legislation and the dynamics of couples to prostitution and violence, the book maps out the evolution of sexual habits and acts around the world by collating various surveys, figures and reports already available. As you can imagine it was not an easy task, the whole job took 18 months.

To answer this first question from here, infidelity is on the rise indeed, especially in Europe. Well, with wide spread Internet, all the dating sites and online communities it’s not a big surprise. Gleeden, one of these dating sites for married people who want to ‘jump aside’ has about 1,5 m members. The very same website pinpoints Paris with the biggest amount of the unfaithful. Hmm… I always had these little suspicions about the French, having a lover there is quite common, isn’t it? Anybody from France is reading us? Please comment.

On the darker side of the spectrum, something that surprises me, it’s Sweden that held a European record for the number of registered rape complaints in 2008 — or 53.2 out of 100,000 inhabitants. Although this can be perhaps explained by the country’s legal definition of rape which is much broader than in other nations.

Well, I can’t seem to find the link to a place where you can buy the book, but I suppose it’s still available in French only. I only see some publication from Penguin – Atlas of Human Sexual Behavior that was published in 2000, but it can’t be this one.



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