Are you a boobies or asses fan?

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I’ve once seen a documentary on BBC  about human sexuality and its history. One of the thesis presented there went as: women developed breasts that stay full and supple even if they are not actually lactating and nursing as a result of human starting to walk on two legs instead of four. You see, when the only way of movement available to our ancestors was crawling, the only mating position possible was doggy style. You like it, don’t you? It allows you to view those nice round globes on the ass of your partner, you can spank them (mrrrr), knead them (meoooww). I bet our forefathers also enjoyed it and watching the butts of their mates was a real turn on.

But then the situation changed, humans started to walk on two legs, so automatically more mating positions started to be available. But if you do a missionary style or another position when a woman is on the top you don’t get this nice view of ass cheeks that was such a stimulation in a doggy style. So what did our Mother Nature do in these circumstances? It simply ‘allowed’ women to grow breasts and to keep them round even if other mammals’ breasts become smaller when they don’t actually nurse. Thus breasts became toys for men instead of just staying a feeding tool. They do indeed may look like a smaller version of an ass. Especially if you squeeze them together to produce some cleavage…

Having said that, what is your preference, gents? What do you enjoy more, looking at boobs or at asses?

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