When do you like to fuck the most?

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According to this clock the time for fucking is always good, perhaps apart from midnight.

But jokes aside, each of us has our own daily rhythm, one person can be an owl who doesn’t function well at all in the morning, the other may be a nightingale who does but on the other hand goes to bed really early in the evening. Apart from that most people have their daily duties at home and also some work to do …  It’s not that we can fuck anytime we want to, in an office at a business meeting with our superiors present it may be rather hard. Unless your boss is kind of naughty as well and would turn a blind eye or participate.

What is the best time for you to fuck? When do you feel the horniest?

As far as I’m concerned, I’m an owl. If you wake me up at six, just to nudge me with your hard on you may still get a murmured answer: “Jusssst lemme  sleep..” Though I must admit one thing – writing the book, Hekate’s Passage, as well as administering the fan page on Facebook and writing this blog keeps me permanently horny. I constantly think about sex and create new scenarios that could be used for the future, not written parts of the book or perhaps used to enhance what is already done but not published yet. Tony and Jim (cause it’s me, Eleyne, taking care of this blog) keep me wet, randy and ready.  So, this is why, after waking me up at some unseemly hour you could still persist in your attempts and get what you want quite soon. Or if we were in a BDSM relationship you could always cuff me to bed and just take what you want. I’d orgasm anyway.  Of course,  you’d have to take it easy when I call Tony or Jim’s names when I come…

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