What are your favourite sex toys?

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First of all, sorry for not writing for almost a week, but I was away and even after coming back it was hard to catch up with things… I’ve only managed more or less now.

So, as the title of this note implies, what are your favourite erotic gadgets? Of course, apart from various restraints and immobilizing contraptions, you pervs 😉 I know you like them, in the book we’re fond of cuffs either, we also utilize leather restraints of various types, and naturally blindfolds. Being blindfolded and cuffed is…. mrrrr…. oh gods… so stimulating… Even thinking about it makes me all tingly and hot.

Our rockers can’t complain about their stamina, technique, length and girth and Yasmin, Eleyne and two other girls won’t even think of criticizing their heroes, but they do like using sex toys like dildos, vibrators and vibrating rings you put on your fingers. Gadgets for anal play, such as beads and various kinds of plugs are also often in use. I know that we probably exaggerate – in the ’80s, sex shops couldn’t possibly have been so well stocked as we describe it… 😉 We used all those online sex shops as sources of ‘inspiration’. But as everything we write about is a fantasy, we felt entitled to get a little carried away.

What are your preferences and likes in this field?


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