Cold as ice


What’s your attitude towards playing with changes in temperature in sex? Do you like using ice or ice-cream when you frolic with your partner in bed? Yasmin in our novel gets the taste of what it is and she enjoys it, but would she in real life? What about you?

This topic has just come to my mind, and has been brought there by fairly non-erotic experience. Namely IPL depilation… This year’s beach season is approaching so as I don’t want to scare the other beach users by showing them the furry beaver, I have dutifully gone to a beautician to undergo an IPL session. And it’s not the most pleasant experience – the area to be treated with that pulsed light has to be really chilled first, and it’s done by using frozen jelly…  And the little baggie that contains it has to be pressed against the skin for a longer while so that the light doesn’t cause burns later.

It’s not like in bed when you can use just one ice cube to tease and after teasing you lick the skin with your tongue. Or you use an ice cube after treating your partner with something hot… And don’t forget – your partner is already excited so she or he can experience it in a different way. Sudden changes of temperature can excite even more in these circumstances.

What do you think? Have you used used ice in your bed frolics?


2 thoughts on “Cold as ice

  1. The ice thing is not a starter, but in the midst of a scene and in the throws of heated passion, ice play is very sensual. and if it pleases my Sir. If it turns him on and gets him off. I would enjoy it all the more.

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