Your ass is mine

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Collecting pictures of all those lovely butts and not only butts keeps me inspired, it makes me think of fucking all the time. All types of fucking, in the pussy, in the  ass, blow jobs; promoting the fan page and thinking up new scenarios for the continuation of the book keeps us both permanently horny.

I’ve written about anal sex here several times. Have you read those posts? Have you tried if you were an anal rookie before that? If yes you probably discovered that these kind of practices are very pleasurable and make it possible to have such an orgasm that you’ll literally see the stars. And it’s an orgasm that is possible for both sexes, after all men have ass holes too. And there’s this advantage, that after an anal orgasm men don’t need to regenerate 😉

I won’t even mention the fact that when you do it in a doggie style position it gives a man an excellent opportunity to slap these lovely ass cheeks. And to add to the pleasure…

Just don’t forget to use a lube. Without it, inserting anything into an asshole is painful. If you trust your partner and you can fuck without a condom, vaseline or oil are the best as they don’t dry out like water based lubes that can be bought in sex shops and pharmacies. If you don’t have any other lubricant you can also  use saliva or pussy juice to get the anus slippery enough to allow entry.

Hmmmm… The book contains some steamy scenes where Eleyne and Melisa’s butts get really, really oily…



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