Ode to the butt

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188897_344806605640370_411055123_nThese glorious, firm, spankalicious orbs. Don’t you just want to touch them? Knead them, slap the until they turn pink? You know, we, women love it too. Spanking is a big turn on. When your hands slap them, it makes the blood rush to the exact spot. Pain mixes with pleasure as the butt cheeks turn red, the pussy becomes wet and aching for the penetration. Oh yes, we do love it when you turn a bit rough and spank this naughty girl. In fact, we may even get naughty on purpose, to make you spank us and not to have to beg for it…

Imagine this ass has received the full impact of your punishing hands and is already reddish and tingling. The girl on your lap is squirming wanting more. Aren’t you itching to part these butt cheeks and enjoy the view of this wet, slippery crack now? It’s waiting for you, for your touch. Use your fingers and tongue on it, make her moan and beg for your dick.

Only when she’s more than ready, at her limits where each touch, each lick makes her shudder in pleasure, you can fuck her roughly. In the pussy or in the ass. As you both prefer.

Regrettably, our female protagonists weren’t naughty enough to deserve such a treatment in the first installment of Hekate’s Passage. I must say, I only regret it, as even thinking of spanking makes me horny. But nothing’s lost. There are more installments to come and Yasmin with her friends will have more opportunities to unleash their naughtiness on Julian Twist members and earn some of these delightful slaps.



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