Inspiring erotic toys

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While there’s nothing better than a real man in bed, he can sometimes get ‘tired’ and need to regenerate when a girl is still horny. Thus sex toys are a great help, of course as long as batteries last… We can also use them to our full satisfaction when no man is around.

My recent Facebook and Internet research for pics and ideas lead me to this inspiring gadget.

bunny plug

Imagine how naughty you could be, having this little bunny tail sticking out of your butt. You could add bunny ears on your head with it, then you just bite the pillow and stick your bum up for him and let him enjoy the view. He could spank you and feeling the toy inside your anus while his hands handle your ass cheeks is really divine. It’s also a chance to try a sandwich…

Yes, especially for those who are too possessive (and selfish, yes, gentlemen, I’m talking about you)  to let the third person inside their bed, sex toys like this are a great possibility to try out something new. Double penetration with a dick and a toy is exactly one of these exciting novelties that could be explored.

Just to let you enjoy the whole picture.

bunny plug

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