Sexual imagination

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Some people say that sex starts in the head, and it’s all so true. Nothing in this book could happen without members of Julian Twist crawling into minds of the two authors and making their imagination run wild. The whole book wouldn’t have happened if they hadn’t managed this sexiest thing possible to do to a woman, without even seeing or talking to her. It’s them who  made us write this book.

Sexual imagination is stronger than reality. In Hekate’s Passage, Yasmin, Eleyne, Melisa and Babette get the pounding of their lives. Never before have they been subjected to such an amount of wild sex. The point is, in reality they wouldn’t be able to walk indeed or if, they would walk in a really funny way after the shaggathons they experience. But it’s our fantasy and we feel entitled to get carried away so our female protagonists can soar in the hands of prodigal lovers of Colin, Tony, Jim and Ted and don’t even feel some of these possible inconveniences that are a result of a large amount of sex. On the opposite, they always want more and are full of new ideas how to have fun with their lovers. This applies to lovers as well – their sexual imagination has no limits.


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