Cover you in oil

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Doesn’t this video awaken your imagination? Doesn’t it make you picture some more naughty, stirring images. It just takes a bottle of cooking oil or baby oil and a willing partner…

Pour it out on her butt cheeks and spread it with your hands massaging her skin, sliding your fingers into the crack and feel how slick and smooth it gets to touch. Listen how she moans in pleasure and rocks your hips back at you. Watch how her skin glistens with the oily film on it and how her own moisture joins the one that you just rubbed on her…


Get down to work then.

Using oil is a really good way to get her lubricated and horny as hell. Just like our female protagonists do when they get similar treatment from Tony, Jim and Ted. Just remember, oil destroys latex so you two must trust each other to the point you’re able to go without condoms.

oily bum

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