Submission vs domination

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You’re probably now all aware of the fact that Hekate’s Passage features some lighter BDSM, lighter BDSM, I repeat. Eleyne, Yasmin and the other 2 girls are just beginning their journey into the world of kink and lust. Our heroines get cuffed, leashed, blindfolded but the question which remains is, who’s really in control? Their lovers, ’cause their hands are free and they can do anything to make the girls moan, squirm and beg for more? Or the heroines themselves, or I could say, our alter egos? Cause it’s us that do the writing and fantasizing… You, gentlemen, I mean Colin, Tony, Jim and Ted, won’t even sneeze without our permission…  Those of you who read may have wondered why there’s nothing about a “safe word” in the text, after all, BDSM practitioners had better have one… And even we did write about it here, in the very blog. Now you know why we skipped the safe word in the book. It’s us – naughty authors and our alter egos, who rule our lovers.




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