Sexual advantages of being a woman


Can you think of any?

Well… The first thing that comes to mind are much more ways of experiencing orgasms, the other one that pops out is – multiple orgasms (unless you, gentlemen, learn that technique I mentioned a few posts back). What else?

Hmmm… For sure it’s an advantage that no one around knows that we may be having dirty thoughts and how aroused we are. Our pussies can be leaking and yearning for a penetration but you’ll be none the wiser. There are no very visible telltale signs of of our sexual excitement apart perhaps from our pupils being more dilated, our cheeks being rosier and more rugged breath. There’s no visible tenting up on the under waist, as it happens in your case, gentlemen.  We could almost masturbate in public and you wouldn’t know it. All it takes is putting our bag on our knees if we sit somewhere, slid our hand underneath our pants or skirts and then just start investigating the contents of our panties.  We can finger our clits in silence, after all, we’re vocal only for you in bed. When we do solo sex we don’t really need “ohs’ and ‘ahs’, all these pleasure moans to tell you how sexually skilled and efficient you are.

tumblr_l9gfdqiYAO1qbbfmvo1_500Any other ideas, ladies and gentlemen?

3 thoughts on “Sexual advantages of being a woman

  1. The biggest advantage you have is that you can cum and there is no mess. In fact, we men make mess in most of our lives, starting here. And it is pretty annoying….so you are right for one more reason.

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