Multiple orgasms for men…

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Are multiple orgasms for men possible?  Those who are familiar with tantra methods probably know that they do exist and it is possible to achieve them. The key is understanding that orgasm and ejaculation are not the very same thing. They usually happen so fast that we are used to to thinking of them as one, but this is not the case. The point is, after you explode your load, there comes the refraction phase, this time when you are kind of “useless” to a woman who may not have climaxed yet as you lose your interest in sex. Instead of making her come, you’d rather just relax, smoke or just go to sleep (or go home). And it takes you some time to get ready for sex again.

But if you learn how to control and postpone your ejaculation, it is possible to have a few orgasms in a row. And it’s not so difficult to achieve. Enters the pubococcygeal muscle, in short PC. It’s located in your pelvic floor and you can find it easily by stopping your mid-stream pee. If you can’t do it, it means this little chap needs some exercise to get stronger. You need to be able to use it during intercourse as it’s the key to distinguishing between orgasm and ejaculation.

You can practice during  masturbation before introducing the method into your sex life. Slow, steady stimulation is recommended because it allows you to take note of the changes taking place as you move through the orgasm cycle. It will especially help you to distinguish between orgasm and ejaculation. Once you can feel yourself at the point of no return (orgasmic feelings just pre ejaculation), stop jerking yourself and squeeze your PC muscle for a count of ten. Give yourself a minute’s break, and then restart the hand job again to take yourself back to the same point. Ejaculation at any moment is entirely optional; you may find you prefer the undulating waves of repetitive orgasm too much! 

Once you’re ready to introduce the novelty to bed you might tell your partner about it, we may also treat your ejaculation as a mark of “well done job” and may be dismayed at the lack of your explosion.

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