Lust objectified

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There are people who seem not to know what to do with their money and just spend a lot if it on a sex doll’s virginity. Are we, women, more clever than that? Would we spend so much money on a sex toy? No, no way… It’s just too stupid to pay a fortune for something that is not really worth it.

How much would you be willing to pay for a dildo, vibrator or another type of small sex toy, ladies? I don’t include all array of bigger Fucking Machines here, these devices are obviously more sophisticated so the price has to be higher.

When you look at a website of a typical sex shop, the prices range from about 10 Euros for the cheap, small butterfly or dolphin styled vibrators to more or less a hundred or one hundred fifty if you want something posh and stylish. If you wanted to get a Fucking Machine you would have to be ready to spend from about 500 Euros to 1600 Euros… Excluding probable assembly of the device. However, it seems these prices are not enough. Behold the most snobbish, the most luxurious and the most expensive vibrator in the world. And I assume that if it is available on the market, the demand for it does exist.

Inez of Lilo.


What makes it so luxurious? Well, it comes in a 24 karat gold plate (or stainless steel, in its silver colored version). It almost makes me wonder if it could be treated as an investment. Just like a Rolex watch, you buy one for, say, 8 thousand Euros, after a few years it’s worth, say 20% more… The pity is, I don’t think they put enough gold on it to be treated this way. It’s just a posh, snobbish toy, a status symbol that most probably doesn’t even give you better orgasms than a regular cheap vibrator. How much is this pleasure from the above picture? Some of you have already probably googled Lelo website and you just sit and stare at the price. And you keep on counting all the zeros making sure there’s no mistake. Yes, it’s fucking 12000 Euros. A twelve and three zeros.

Any ideas what any of us would do with twelve thousand Euros? Instead of buying a 24k gold vibrator…

The photo comes from Lelo website.

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