New sex toy for men – Soloflesh

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Sex toy industry is a vast one and it constantly comes up with new inventions. New, innovative, or sometimes really stupid sex toys appear on the market really often. Recently I’ve come across this video that presents the usage of one of the latest inventions for men. Sorry, guys, I don’t think I’m allowed to embed the video directly here, as this blog doesn’t have over 18 warning, instead a link. BTW, don’t watch it at work 😉 I have to admit that its contents got me horny.

Well, what do you think, gentelmen? Is it a good idea that will catch up? Especially for those who at a given moment don’t have a woman handy, can’t pick up one for whatever reasons, and would rather not use their hand…

From me, just  ‘technical’ remarks. I hope this rubber, or whatever that artificial ass is made of is resistant to pressure. You wouldn’t want it to burst once you lie down on it and start screwing… And you also should be careful not to pour too hot water inside…

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