When you can’t be as free as you would want to…

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Virginity, this tiny membrane of flesh turned out to be a curse for a woman. There are still cultures and religions where a woman is required to stay pure till marriage and if she doesn’t she can face some dire and grave consequences.

But modern life has its temptations. A woman wants to use it to the maximum, especially if she knows that after she gets married she’ll be in a literal prison. So she discovers the pleasures of sex and loses the flower. However, not being innocent can cost her life, so however much I hate this necessity to conform, to be hypocritical and not to stand up for what you believe in, it’s better to be hypocritical and live. Already several years back quite some surgery clinics started to offer hymenoplasty as one of the procedures. Hymenoplasty is simply restoring the virginal membrane. It takes about 30 minutes under local anaesthetics. For those who can’t afford the surgical procedure another way was introduced. Do you know what the pic underneath shows?


It’s a fake hymen. One website sells them for about 23 Euros. You just put the stuff into your vagina, it makes you feel tighter and then during penetration it releases a certain amount of blood. Thus the rightful owner and master feels satisfied that he got undamaged goods…

Another, perhaps more practical and at the same time funny approach is presented in the video underneath.

Here while I applaud of the ‘creativity’ of such women who decide to do it this way, I don’t entirely approve of the motives presented in this video… I understand why women from really conservative families are forced to fake virginity, but this parody touches completely a different point.

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